Celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day – August 17th

Black Cat Appreciation Day - August 17th

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx

Many people stay away from getting or adopting a black cat due to the myth that they bring bad luck. Of course, this superstition is far from being true which is why we are celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day with the splendor of adopting these ebony feline beauties as well!

Celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day, every August 17th, is such an amazing way to celebrate the most common colored feline and we are NOT just celebrating for one day but every day. There are many beautiful felines in shelters across the nation that are all just waiting for loving lifelong homes and while we certainly would never promote adopting a cat for a holiday (with Halloween fast approaching), it makes sense to share wonderful reasons why you should consider fostering or adopting a black cat the next time you are looking to add another furry friend to your household.

Reasons to adopt a black cat while celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day:

  1.  Lowest Adoption Rate

As earlier said, black cats have the lowest adoption rate. Shelters all over the country report that resident black cats get the short end of the stick when it comes to adoption rates. Whether prospective cat adopters subconsciously buy into the myth of ‘black cats bring bad luck,’ or are more attracted to bright colored or patterned cats, it does a huge disservice to these often overlooked feline beauties. When you adopt a black cat, you’re giving a loving forever home to a cat who has been waiting to be adopted longer than his shelter-mates. He’ll be forever grateful and will make a great mutually-beneficial addition to your family.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, there are so many wonderful black cats in need of adoption at the LA Animal Services Shelters. To find a shelter near you, you can go to L.A. Animal Services website.

  1.  Highest Euthanasia Rate

You’re saving a life – literally – when you adopt a black cat. How? A lot of shelters resort to euthanizing (killing) cats who don’t get adopted so as to make room for cats that are more likely to find homes.

  1.   Black Cats Look like Little Panthers.

You can barely tell a black cat apart from a panther. Their regal breeding is very apparent. We hope you’ll help us celebrate by adopting one of these beautiful mini panthers : )

  1.   They Aren’t Bad Luck – Actually

The myth that black cats are bad luck is untrue and just plain silly! Black cats are wonderful, lovable, beautiful, and very intelligent companions which in my opinion, should be a part of every home. No home should be without one! The amount of love black cats will give you will make you feel like the luckiest person alive.

  1.   Love Sees No Color

Love emanates from deep emotional connections, not the color of one’s hair. Picture how dull life would be without human brunettes or allowing yourself to love them. Similarly, opening your heart to a black cat is an opportunity to have one of the most loving friendships in your life.

  1.   They’re Beautiful

Many black cats are not actually black at all, but a mix of various dark colors. Look at a black cat in the sun and you will see shades of brown, auburn, and black. Black cats can be quite striking especially when they have yellow or bright green eyes. Also, a black cat will match any decor saving you redecoration costs to coordinate with your cat.

  1.   They’re Just Cats!

In the end, the best reason to adopt a black cat remains that they’re just like every other cat. Some are sassy, some are sweet, some are lap cats and some are not. Each cat will have its own unique temperament and personality. And just like every other cat, black cats simply want to be loved and cared for. They just want a chance – an equal chance!

Oh, did I mention that you can always find your black cat in the snow or that you may even tell people that your black cat is part of your witch or warlock costume at your Halloween party? Well, there you have it! Now run along, don’t walk…ok you can drive: )…down to your local shelter and find yourself a ‘purrfect’ new black friend! Bad luck? When you love a black cat, luck is on his side!

If you do adopt a black cat while celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day, whether it is today or any other day of the year, if there will be times you leave your cat to travel, you may like our article on 5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love A Cat Sitter.  If you are going to be a first time cat parent, you may also find useful our articles on Is A Cat The Right Pet For You  and Ten Tips To Have A Happy Healthy Cat.

What will you do to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th?









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