East Valley Animal Services #4DAYS4LIFE Campaign Saves 60+ Shelter Dogs From Euthanization

On July 2nd, in anticipation of a large number of dogs coming into the East Valley Animal Services on or after the 4th of July, while already at full capacity, Friends of East Valley Animal Services, volunteers for East Valley Animal Services,  started a Facebook social media campaign to get adopters and/or fosters for at least 60 existing dogs at their location to make room for all the incoming dogs.  If they couldn’t make room for all the new dogs who would either get loose and run off out of fear when hearing fireworks or at 4th of July celebrations if doors or gates were not closed properly, dogs who were already at the shelter would be euthanized to make room.

The campaign started with the below post on Facebook that can be see by using this link.

“If you’re reading this, we really need your help… our shelter is at capacity, and they had to start euthanizing yesterday for space and the 4th is coming up – if you or anyone you know can FOSTER a dog for just 4 days… ONLY 4 DAYS… you can save a life. 60 dogs generally come in over the 4th – the numbers game does not look good. That means, 60 dogs could be put down for space. If we can find in the entire city of Los Angeles just 30 people that can foster a dog for 4 days… we can save 60 dogs… please please SHARE and spread the word – come in to EV to fill out a foster agreement or go online and bring it to Veronica Perry at the SHELTER – come people – we just need 30 people in this entire big city! http://www.laanimalservices.com/volunteer/foster-program/”

The volunteers then started sharing pictures of dogs needing to be adopted or fostered on their Friends of East Valley Animal Services Facebook page. The below are just a few.

East Valley Animal Services MousieMousie







East Valley Animal Services GrumpyGrumpy







East Valley Animal Services AustinAustin









East Valley Animal Services Spike








East Valley Animal Services RamboRambo






The campaign spread on Facebook and Friends of East Valley Animal Services came up with the slogan #4DAYS4LIFE.  By asking the community to foster for 4 days if they couldn’t adopt, this would allow for the space needed at the East Valley Animal Services to make room for the large number of dogs they expected to come in due to the 4th of July.  The community stepped up as the campaign continued to spread.  They even made this video to help spread the word and to show what they were making happen all in an effort to save the wonderful dogs in the shelter.

Not only did the Friends of East Valley Animal Services foster or adopt out 60 plus dogs, they got this campaign to help other local shelters facing the same space problems.  What happened when the fosters got their dogs home is truly amazing.  The dogs personalities came out.  They no longer looked sad or scared like they do when in their shelter cages.  Many fosters introduced the dogs to their children, to their own dogs and to other dogs allowing the shelter to now have a bit of history on each dog allowing future adopters to know how these pets get along outside of the shelter environment with kids, dogs, and even cats. The fosters even started sending in pictures and details to the Friends of East Valley Animal Services Facebook page on the dogs they were fostering showing how happy, loving, and playful the dogs are with pictures and videos that will hopefully help these dogs get adopted after they return to the shelter.

Check out these 5 amazing transformations of dogs who still need to be adopted after the #4DAYS4LIFE campaign for fostering are returned to the East Valley Animal Services.

East Valley Animal Services Peanut#‎4DAYS4LIFE‬ foster update – PEANUT…. his foster writes: “Hey there my California friends! This is Peanut – my Fourth of July Foster! He’s a big bundle of happiness and is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever fostered. Here’s a bit more information on him (scale of 1-10):
AGE: 4yo
TRAINING: 8 (house trained, can sit, lay, and shake)
WALKING: 6 (excited at first, but then a good leash-walker)
ENERGY: 6-8 (loves going for walks and jogs, but once inside, a totally chill cuddler)
Peanut will be available July 7th for adoption!! Head down to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, CA or give them a call at 888.452.7381. Save this adorable little (big) guy and make your life a little happier!!” Ask for him by his ID #‎A1463732‬ Peanut is a neutered male Labrador mix, weighs 81 pounds.” To see this post on Facebook check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services Romeo(Don’t miss Romeo’s tennis ball video link at the end!) Romeo’s #4days4life foster gave him a bath and groomed out his matted fur… look at that happy doggie smile after!!! Romeo is a 2 year old Shih Tzu or Lhasa Aspo, so far housetrained, good with other dogs, and he LOVES to play fetch with tennis balls, as you can see in this little video clip: https://www.facebook.com/ohtheirony/videos/10155768585500156/?pnref=story.  We believe Romeo is ID# A1564389 but we’re waiting for confirmation on that number. To adopt, ask about him at the shelter!  To see this post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services WrigleyFrom his #4DAYS4LIfe foster: “His number is A1563053 and his name is Wrigley, although we nicknamed him Sammy. He is THE BEST dog. Has not barked once, very mellow and good with our cats, loves walks and will let you know when he needs to go out to potty. He is so awesome, a very special animal.”  To see this post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services MousyMr. Mousy’s info: ID #‎A0878640‬ f you’re interested in adopting Mousy, his foster says you can email her at natashavc at gmail dot com or you can contact the East Valley Animal Shelter— thank you!

Foster says: “Mousy is totally tuckered out after a day of playing with his foster bro, walking around the neighborhood, sunbathing, and luxurious napping. I’m looking forward to hanging out with this cool dude until some one gives him a forever home. Even though he’s a senior (8 years old) he has great energy, loves to play, and romp. I will gladly bring him to meet anyone who wants to adopt Herr Mousy! Natashavc at gmail dot com please tell folks!”

Mousy is an 18-pound, 8-year-old neutered male MinPin mix for adoption via the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys (Los Angeles) CA.  To see this post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services Bear#4DAYS4LIFE this is Bear! Bear is being fostered by the same volunteer as Hugh. (Bear has blue eyes and is fluffier.) ID #A1105687 a 5 year old neutered male Labrador and Husky mix who weighs 90 pounds. Here’s a great update from their foster:”Bear is a cuddly chill buddy. Honestly, he is so perfect. He’s potty trained, excellent on his leash, and great with other dogs. He has met four other dogs so far and a bunch of people and he is everyone’s BFF. He just wants to cuddle and chill in the same room with you. You can see he likes to have a paw on you if he can, just gently touching you. [We’ll post those photos in the comments of this photo] It’s so sweet. He is very well mannered at dinner, no begging or anything. He was meant to be in a home and loves to lay on his bed while you do your thing. He totally understands what is going on, too, he knows he’s at a home and is very grateful. He’s a smart boy. Already knew sit, mastered shake and we’re working on a special ‘Buddha’ sit. As soon as Bear took his turn in the yard he started leaping around and having a case of the zoomies. It was adorable. Having a great time with Bear! Planning some nice long walks tomorrow. They both need to be in a home. Totally different dogs once they are. It’s an amazing privilege to see.”

— at East Valley Animal Shelter.  To see this post on Facebook, check out this link.


We are truly amazed by all the efforts of the volunteers at East Valley Animal Services to save over 60 dogs from being euthanized in order to make room for the numerous dogs that came in on or after the 4th of July.  These volunteers and the members of the community who stepped in to either adopt or foster are heroes.  Although some of the shelter dogs have been adopted, there are still so many wonderful dogs like the ones shared here who still need FuRRRRever homes after they return to the East Valley Animal Services when their #4DAYS4LIFE foster comes to an end.  If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt a dog, we implore you to check out these sweet dogs at East Valley Animal Services or go to the Friends of East Valley Animal Services Facebook page to see and read about the dogs needing FuRRRRever homes.  As a community, let’s do our part to help spread the word about these pooches needing lives filled with love and security in FuRRRRever homes.

If you would like to visit East Valley Animal Services, the shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen St, Van Nuys 91405.  The phone number is 888-452-7381 and they are open Tuesday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and they are closed on Mondays and holidays.

What will you do to help these dogs find their FuRRRRever homes?



  • Cathy Armato says:

    What a beautiful story! Brilliant idea to reach out to the community, when you do amazing things can happen!

  • We are so touched by this campaign and the amazing results thanks to the volunteers at East Valley Animal Shelter and a community filled with pet lovers. We hope all the dogs who got temporary fosters end up in FuRRRRever homes soon and that this inspires more people to foster.

  • That’s so great! I love it when rescues are willing to think out of the box and it leads to great success.

  • We are so inspired by the volunteers at the East Valley Shelter for putting together this impromptu campaign and by the reaction of the community.

  • What a wonderful campaign. I’ve sworn off fostering for the time being but I think I could swing four days!

  • Although you’ve sworn off foserting for the time being, we think 4 days is a great commitment to help provide shelters with information on their dogs to help potential adopters to rescue them. Plus the 4 days for the dogs would be a great break from being at the shelter.

  • Amazing, amazing idea!! Love this article and will share it on my social. I wonder, after 4 days, how many decided to keep their fosters? So great, thanks for sharing this!

  • How nice of you to share the article. We are so touched by this campaign. I can’t help but cry when looking at some of the updates on the dogs knowing they will end up back in the shelter after this taste of what life should be like for them. If you scroll through the posts on the Friends of East Valley Animal Services Facebook page, you will see that some of the dogs got adopted rather than going into fosters and some are staying in the foster homes until they find a FuRRRRever home. Also, rescue groups are helping by taking some of the dogs out of the shelter and into their rescue to await adoption.

  • What a great story! I needed some good news this evening, and this definitely did the trick! I will definitely be sharing this post on TLPB Facebook page; thanks so much for writing it!

  • Thank you for sharing this story. We are so inspired by the volunteers at East Valley Animal Services for what they accomplished in order to help save 60+ dogs from being put down and how the community reacted. Watch for our article tomorrow featuring 10 of their shelter dogs with pictures and details on what they are like outside of shelter cages when in loving homes. We want to do anything we can to help these wonderful dogs get into caring homes and out of the shelter for good.

  • MaxAlvarado says:

    Nice article and nice campaign thanks for posting this Jen!! this is worth to share so that people will know you and your website and campaign you did to this cute animals keep it up 🙂

  • We are glad you enjoyed the article. The campaign for #4DAYS4LIFE was started by the volunteers at East Valley Animal Services. They put this call out to the community and the community came together to help. We are trying to spread the word on what they did to help these wonderful dogs in need of a loving home get adopted.

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