Five Benefits Of Walking Your Dog Daily

Walking Your Dog Daily

Walking your dog daily is a simple effort that will benefit your furry friend in a number of ways! Any loving dog owner understands the love of going for a W-A-L-K – whether your dog enjoys sniffing into new territory, chasing squirrels, or just getting a breath of fresh air. Read on for five benefits of making it a habit to walk your dog daily!

How walking your dog daily benefits you and your dog:

  1. Get Healthy & Stay Healthy 

    A fit and healthy dog is a happy one! To keep your pet in shape, it’s important to get them up and moving regularly. This will not only keep their hearts and lungs healthy, but also improve your dog’s digestive health! Just like humans, dogs often suffer from health problems as a result of being overweight, such as joint pain and heart problems. Thirty minutes of brisk exercise can go a long way to keeping your dog’s weight under control (and make up for all of those “just because” treats!).

  1. Reduce Restlessness & Destructive Behavior

    Getting your dog outside for a walk or extra playtime can help reduce your dog’s digging, scratching, or destructive chewing habits! When they have pent up energy that they don’t have the chance to use in a constructive way, they can take matters into their own paws, leaving you with a mess to clean up. Evening walks are also great for helping your furry friend feel more relaxed around bedtime.

  1. Get Them Socialized

    Dogs that regularly leave their homes for walks have so many chances to meet other dogs and people, as well as to explore the world around them! Giving your pet opportunities to be in contact with others will help keep them social and prevent them from building up a fear. If you already have a fearful or timid dog, walking around the neighborhood can help your dog build confidence and adapt better to new or intimidating situations.

  1. Build Their Trust

    The more time you spend with your pet, the more they’re going to trust you – no matter what the topic. Not only are you spending quality time with your pet on a daily walk, but you will also have the opportunity to teach him new things! Showing them how to act when out on walks is a great step toward getting them trained as you wish. Your daily walks will strengthen your bond and foster a trusting relationship!

  1. Improving Your Daily Life 

    Going out with your dog in tow is good for you, too! It helps you stay fit, as even when you don’t feel like it, your pet will remind you that it’s time to go outside and get moving! You’ll also get to meet other dog parents on your daily rounds, which is a nice opportunity to make new friends.

Although your pet would love it, walking your dog daily doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of your time. Incorporating even a 10-minute walk into your daily routine will be a welcome addition for your pet, as they’ll come to expect and look forward to this quality time you have outside!

If your schedule doesn’t allow for walking your dog daily, consider hiring a professional dog walker! You’ll be comfortable knowing that your dog is still getting to enjoy all the benefits of going out for daily walks despite your busy schedule. If you don’t know where to start when looking for a dog walker, check out our tips for finding a dog walker.

What is your favorite part about walks with your dog? Tell us in the comments!

*This blog was updated in November 2018.*

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