How Hiring A Professional Dog Walker Can Help You

Hiring a professional dog walker

Do you often have a long work day?  Does your busy lifestyle stop you from walking your dog more often?  Or are you physically limited or constrained and require some extra help walking your furry companion?  Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional dog walker to walk your dog not only helps you, but it can also do wonders for your dog’s emotional and physical health!

Learn today how hiring a professional dog walker can improve your dog’s health and your happiness:

Time Constraint – We all live busy lives, some busier than others.  Fitting in three walks or potty breaks per day that sometimes last 30 minutes or longer is not possible on everyone’s schedule.  With a regular professional dog walker, your dog is sure to get all of the attention and exercise they deserve while you get back a great deal of time. It’s a win-win!

Routine Exercise – A professional dog walker can improve your dog’s physical health through a consistent exercise regimen.  Have a pup that needs to shed a few extra pounds?  How about a canine who can’t seem to calm down without his daily walk to the park?  Your professional dog walker can provide the appropriate outlet and workout for your dog.  Just like us humans, dogs live longer, healthier lives when they are of ideal weight and exercise daily.  By hiring a professional dog walker to help can extend your canine companion’s life!

Socialization And Stimulation – A lot of behavioral problems can arise when dogs do not receive sufficient physical and mental stimulation.  Your brilliant, social furry companion needs daily stimulation, and when you do not provide enough of this, destructive boredom behaviors can develop.  Hiring a professional dog walker will ensure your dog gets enough daily visual and sensory stimulation.

Good Behavior – Inappropriate shredding, incessant barking, whining and destructive chewing and other frantic behaviors are common boredom relievers for dogs which can drive you or your nearby neighbors crazy. More so, serious issues such as separation anxiety or self-caused trauma (chewing out own fur or excessively licking paws) can develop in your absence which may require veterinary intervention.

Peace Of Mind And Companionship – A professional dog walker can improve your dog’s emotional health through companionship.  Not only will your dog benefit from the physical exercise your professional dog walker will provide, but your dog will be happy to have the companionship of a caring and compassionate professional dog walker, decreasing loneliness and giving him something to look forward to during your long days.  This can relieve anxiety and prevent destructive behaviors.  More so, the peace of mind you will find as a result of you hiring a professional dog walker will be priceless.

Zero Guilt – Knowing that your dog will get quality time outdoors during the day helps relieve the guilt often felt by pet parents who work long days with their dog stuck inside.  You can feel confident that your professional dog walker will make his/her rounds and leave you an update.

Want to do what’s best for your pooch and yourself today?  Hiring a professional dog walker will help alleviate stress by providing a source of physical and mental entertainment for your canine companion.  If you don’t know who to hire you may find these articles helpful on Tips For Finding A Dog Walker and Questions To Ask When Checking References For A Dog Walking Service.  Don’t stress!  Hire a professional dog walker to “walk it off” for you!



  • Hiring a dog walker for my pooch sounds like a great idea. We’re hardly ever home during the day, and walking her at night just doesn’t happen. I like the idea that hiring one can help her lose some weight and stay healthy!

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    I am sure your dog would love the benefits of having a dog walker come during the day when you are at work. This would allow your dog the chance to break up her day by getting exercise, some mental stimulation as well as lots of love and attention from the dog walker. At the same time, it give you peace of mind knowing she’s being cared for and if anything is off or unusual, your dog walker can update you from the visit. We often have clients tell us they see a positive difference in their dogs when they get home at night after having their dog walker come during the day.

  • Dog walking can be very demanding for our family because my husband and I both work full time jobs, so getting a dog walker seems like a great idea. You make a great point that hiring a dog walker can help your dog to have better behavior and live a healthier life. The fact that it can benefit our dog and also help my family to have less stress are huge benefits.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    Based on your reply, I believe you would really like all the benefits from hiring a professional dog walker to take your dog for walks. Not only will it give you peace of mind and eliminate your guilt that you don’t have the time to walk your dog, it also provides mental and physical benefits for your dog. For you, your family and your pup it is a win-win.

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