Change A Pet's Life

Thinking of doing something new and different this New Year?  Did you know January 24th is Change A Pet’s Life Day?  Wondering how you can change a pet’s life?  Don’t sweat it, we’ll gladly show you.  The good news is that at the end, you’ll not only be changing a pet’s life, you’ll be changing your life as well.

Are you ready to go from boring to exciting?  Ready to experience the sense of fulfillment that comes with making a difference and giving hope to others?  Then, you’re ready to take up our challenge for the “Change A Pet’s Life Day”!

Here are ways you can change a pet’s life:

3…2…1…Let’s go!

  • Help Out At Shelters & Rescues

Pet shelters are constantly in need of volunteers.  Being a volunteer makes a huge difference in the lives of pets waiting to find their new families.  For instance, you can volunteer to walk dogs or cuddle kittens.  Showing pets love and affection while they wait for their forever, loving homes can change a pet’s life.  Choosing to volunteer at a pet shelter helps the shelters provide care for all the pets that they look after.  It also helps pets to socialize and learn manners, which in turn helps them become more adoptable.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, check out this link to find out information on becoming a volunteer at your local shelter.

  • Create Awareness To Change A Pet’s Life

Change begins with you!  Check out local shelters near you and help create awareness for whatever they need to make pets’ lives better.  Spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues at work about donations, adoptions, and shelter events.  Shelter events are fun ways to bring together the people you care about for a good cause.  This simple kind gesture can change a pet’s life forever.

  • Sponsor A Pet

Many shelters and rescues run sponsorship programs where you’re allowed to choose and sponsor a pet without necessarily taking them home.  You’ll receive pictures and updates letting you know how your pet is doing.  This is a wonderful opportunity to change a pet’s life if you can’t adopt now for whatever reason.

You can also sponsor an adoption fee to inspire a family to take your pet home.  This way, you’re indirectly giving your pet a forever loving home.

  • Donate To Pet Shelters

Pet shelters cost a lot of money to run despite being mostly non-profit.  Therefore, they rely heavily on donations from pet lovers to be able to take care of as many pets as possible.  By donating to a shelter, you’re changing a pet’s life.  Your donation means a shelter pet will get food, vaccinations, medical help and all they require to stay healthy while they wait for a forever home.  For details on donating to local animal shelters in the Los Angeles area, click on this link.

  • Adopt Or Become A Foster Parent To Change A Pet’s Life

There are a lot of pets in need of forever homes.  Consider adopting a furry family member.  Adoption is a way to permanently change a pet’s life.  Even if you are not ready to commit to a lifetime of love just yet, you can get a trial run by becoming a foster parent.  You’re saving a life by fostering or adopting as it frees up resources at shelters so other stray pets can have a chance of survival and finding their forever homes.  If you would like to find out how you can help local shelters in the Los Angeles by fostering a pet in need, check out this link.

Have you already adopted a pup of your own?  That is a great first step to change a pet’s life.  However, you can make more changes by improving the bond you have with your pet and connect with them on a deeper level.

Whether you choose to adopt a pet or volunteer at a local shelter, your big-heartedness will go a long way for an adorable pet that is seeking affection.  You’ll change a pet’s life – and change your life as well for the better!

We’d like to know in the comment section, the challenge you will be taking on this year in order to change a pet’s life.

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