Los Angeles Cat Adoption – Meet Hank & Cleo

Los Angeles Cat Adoption

Los Angeles Cat Adoption


Rufus and Delilah is featuring Hank and Cleo as the Los Angeles cat adoption of the week.  Hank and Cleo were adopted about 14 years ago from a rescue. They were very small kittens and the cutest things their pet parent had ever seen. They are brother and sister and though their adopter was only looking for one kitty, she didn’t have the heart to separate them (and still doesn’t).

They act much younger than their age… by looking at them and living with them, you would never know they are senior kitties. They have no known medical issues and don’t seem to have slowed down much…though they are mellow kitties. They require no special diet and are not taking any medications. They are easy kitties by all accounts.

They are both truly the sweetest kitties you could ever ask for…they LOVE people and human interaction. They are great with children and adults…men and women, old and young. When you enter the room they are by your side in a split second. When you go to sleep, they want to curl up on the pillow with you and purr all night.

Los Angeles Cat Adoption


Hank- the brother- is a bit more shy and takes his lead from his sister Cleo. They love to play with toys and roll balls on the ground with squeaky toys inside. Cleo is quite content however spending her afternoon high on her cat tree and gazing out the window looking at the leaves blow etc.

Unfortunately, they have a canine/dog brother who was adopted several years ago as well and is very cat aggressive. All efforts to integrate them into one living situation resulted in significant danger/harm to the kitties as the dog has an extremely high prey drive which is just instinctual to his breed/nature. Their pet parent hired four trainers and spent thousands of dollars trying to remedy this situation… at the end, they all just recommended ways to keep them all separated via gates etc.

The kitties now live in an upstairs guest bedroom/bathroom to keep them safe/far away from the dog. This results in the kitties basically spending all their days/nights alone with no real human interaction and no real integration into their pet parents’ life. As a person living alone, their pet parent is most often in her downstairs area where her living area/kitchen/bedroom etc. are. Hank and Cleo have started to cry out for attention because they are lonely. They need a home to spend their remaining years in where they can be with their pet parent/family and receive the human affection they so crave. They do not want to live the lonely/solitary lives they have been. They have a lot of love/life to still give and deserve a home that is better suited for them.

Their pet parent is willing to transport them basically anywhere in California and would welcome them back should the new living situation not work out (can be considered a trial period).

Do you have a spot in your home and heart for Hank and Cleo?  Even if you are not looking to adopt or if Hank and Cleo are not the right fit for you, you can still help them find their new FuRRRRever home by sharing this article on social media.

For more information on Hank and Cleo, email us at info@rufusanddelilah.com or call us at 818-986-8740 and we will put you in touch with Hank and Cleo’s pet parent.

If you do adopt Hank and Cleo and travel for pleasure or for work, you may like our article  titled 5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love A Cat Sitter.

Will you do your part by sharing this article to help Hank and Cleo find their FuRRRRever homes?


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