Los Angeles Cat Adoption Of The Week – Meet Cee-Cee, Humphrey & Abe

Rufus and Delilah is featuring Cee-Cee, Humphrey, and Abe as the Los Angeles Cat Adoption of the week.  If you would like to adopt a cat but think committing 20+ years for a full life of a cat would be too much for you, then how about committing to a cat who is around 10 or 11 years old?  Cee-Cee, Humphrey, and Abe are wonderful cats who would make a great addition to a loving home and family.

Cee-Cee, Humphrey and Abe are available for adoption at Heaven on Earth Society for AnimalHeaven On Earth Society For Animals is a charitable organization based out of Van Nuys, whose mission is to improve quality of life for homeless cats, particularly those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low potential for adoption.  They have a dedicated sanctuary called Perry’s Place, a cage-less no kill facility, that houses all their feline residents with dedicated rooms for senior cats, special needs cats, kittens, food preparation, treatment, and much more.

Cee-Cee, Humphrey and Abe each have special needs that can be easily cared for in the right home with the right food and regular vet visits like caring for any pet.

Without further adieu (drumroll please) Meet Cee-Cee, Humphrey, and Abe.

Los Angeles Cat Adoption Cee-CeeIf you love taking pictures of your cats, Cee-Cee wants to be your model.  Cee-Cee is an 11 year old large Siamese Main Coon mix.  He was owner surrendered to a shelter for being diabetic.  The shelter contacted Heaven on Earth Society for Animals who agreed to take him in.  When Cee-Cee came to Heaven on Earth, his insulin levels were all over the place and his gait was affected by the diabetic neuropathy.  Yet, with proper care while living with a foster, they weaned Cee-Cee off of insulin completely.  His diabetes is now in remission and controlled by a diet of high protein wet food.  Cee-Cee is neutered and up to date on all his shots.   If you are looking to adopt a cat who you would love to photograph, Cee-Cee is your match.

To learn about diabetes in cats, read Wellness Wednesday – Pet Diabetes Month by NEPA Pets and Diabetes in Dogs and Cats by Good Pet Parent for more information.   To read more about Cee-Cee and to see more of his beautiful pictures check out his adoption page.


Los Angeles Cat Adoption HumphreyIf you are a lover of Tabby cats, Humphrey is a medium sized male orange domestic short hair Tabby.  Humphrey ended up in a shelter after his owner passed away.  Humphrey is a sweet and quiet cat with crossed eyes and a stubby tail.  It is believed that he was hit by a car at some point in his life which fractured his pelvis and may have caused his stubby tail.  Although he is healed, he does have some motility issues and uses the litter box frequently.  It is recommended by his vet that he only eats wet food to avoid constipation.  Humphrey will be 10 in November and is looking for a new best friend now that his last one is gone.  Humphrey gets along well with other cats and loves to eat. Humphrey is neutered and up to date on all his shots.

To learn about motility issues in cats read Stomach Disorders (Loss of Motility) In Cats on PetMd and for more details and pictures on Humphrey, check out his adoption page.


Los Angeles Cat Adoption AbeIf you are looking for a playful energetic cat who can keep up with kids and still have energy to spare then Abe is your match.  Abe is a 10 year old domestic short hair grey tabby with a white belly.  He came to Heaven on Earth from a city shelter and the volunteers all love him.  Abe loves going to adoption events and likes everyone he meets. He is looking for a home where he can be social and have lots of fun playing and hanging out with his family.  Abe has a chronic snuffle due to a damaged sinus cavity. This means he may be prone to upper respiratory infections.  Yet with regular vet visits when he seems more snuffly, the vet may prescribe antibiotics.

To learn more about chronic snuffling in cats, read Chronic Upper Respiratory Tract Disease on by International Cat Care and for more details on Abe, check out his adoption page.

Do you have a spot in your home and heart for Cee-Cee, Humphrey, or Abe?  Even if you are not looking to adopt or they are not the right fit for you, you can still help them find their FuRRRRever home by sharing this article.

For more information on Cee-Cee, Humphrey, or Abe, or any of the other cats at Heaven on Earth, email them at adoptions@heavenlypets.org or call them at 818-474-2700. If you are interested in attending any of their weekly adoption events in the Los Angeles area, check out this link.

Will you do your part by sharing this article to help Cee-Cee, Humphrey, or Abe find their FuRRRRever homes?


  • Oh my, they are all gorgeous! I hope they all find their perfect forever homes quickly! I’ll try to share this post on TLPB FB page later in hopes of spreading the word!!

  • Thank you for offering to share this article on your TLPB FB page to help Cee-Cee, Humphrey, and Abe find their FuRRRRever homes.

  • What sweet and beautiful boys!! These are all very manageable conditions, and these kitties would make wonderful additions to anyone’s family. I’m sharing their stories through GPP, and hoping they find their new forever families very soon!! 🙂

  • Camille thank you for sharing Cee-Cee, Humphrey and Abe to help them find their FuRRRRever homes. Thank you for also adding that their medical conditions are manageable making them a great addition to anyone’s family. We fear too many pets get overlooked by potential adopters when they hear there is a pre-existing medical condition but so many are easy to manage and treat.

  • Firstly, I will say how angry it makes me that someone surrendered their gorgeous cat for being diabetic. That is absolutely absurd. Cee-cee is so gorgeous. Humphrey….sigh. I have a thing for disabled tabby cats, as my Joey is very disabled. And dearest Abe. What a cutie! I sure hope someone adopts these cats soon. I wish any of them were in Arizona!

  • It is truly sad the reasons that people surrender their pets without researching ways to get help. It is also sad that many pets get overlooked when needing a forever home because they have a medical condition even if it is easy to treat with a special diet or just by scheduling regular vet visits like with any pet to keep them healthy. It is our hope with this article sharing Cee-Cee, Humphrey and Abe to help educate possible adopters that adopting a pet with a medical condition doesn’t mean the pets life will be shorter or it will cost them more than caring for a pet that doesn’t have any medical issues yet.

  • dawn says:

    I think I’m in love! Cee Cee is beautiful!. Good thing he is in LA because I’ve got plenty of cats as it is. Thank you for helping spread the word of special needs cats.

  • Love at first sight for you with Cee-Cee. Isn’t that great? That is what my husband felt when we met our Beatrice. We hope Cee-Cee, Abe, and Humphrey all get adopted soon.

  • Ugh. People can be so horrible. Surrendering a cat for being diabetic. Hope they find good homes soon!

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