Los Angeles Cat Adoption Of The Week – Meet Winnie, Jackson & Biggles

In celebration of National Adopt A Cat Month, Rufus and Delilah is featuring not 1 but 3 cats, Winnie, Jackson, and Biggles, as the Los Angeles Cat Adoption of the week.   Thanks to Heaven On Earth Society For Animals, a charitable organization based out of Van Nuys, whose mission is to improve quality of life for homeless cats, particularly those who have few other options or who may be overlooked because of low potential for adoption, these cats are in a safe place while waiting for their FuRRRRever homes.   Heaven on Earth has a dedicated sanctuary called Perry’s Place, a cage-less no kill facility, that houses all their feline residents with dedicated rooms for senior cats, special needs cats, kittens, food preparation, treatment, and much more.

Meet Winnie, Jackson, & Biggles

One of the reasons we are featuring all black cats is that they can be more challenging to adopt out due to the color of the fur.  But, don’t let their fur color or special needs deter you from bringing them into your home and heart.  For reasons why to adopt black cats including both truth and humor check out Playful Kitty’s article on Reasons To Adopt Black Cats.

Los Angeles Cat Adoption WinnieWinnie is a smokey black domestic short hair around 12 years old.  She’s had a rough few years and is looking for a stable peaceful FuRRRRever home to call her own.  Heaven on Earth rescued Winnie out of an overcrowded shelter when she was 8 years.  She became a staff favorite at Heaven on Earth but when she was ready for a FuRRRRever home, she wasn’t adopted out despite all the adoption events she attended.  Last summer she was adopted by a woman looking for a retirement companion and everything was looking up for Winnie.  Yet in December, the lady had to leave town indefinitely due to a family emergency and couldn’t take Winnie with her so she ended up back at Heaven on Earth feeling very despondent and confused.  Winnie now has a condition called stomatitis, chronic inflammation of the mouth, which has been aggravated by the stress of sudden loss and change. She also has a tendency to over-groom when feeling anxious.  Periodic vet visits and a peaceful permanent home will be Winnie’s prescription for the stable peaceful life she deserves.  To read more about Winnie, check out her adoption page.

Los Angeles Cat Adoption JacksonJackson is a 5 year old black domestic medium hair cat.  He was found badly injured in a parking lot. His lower body was a mess and likely the result of an attack by another animal.  Although his wounds healed, Jackson is now FIV positive.  Jackson now lives at Heaven on Earth’s Perry’s Place in their boom boom room which is dedicated to the FIV+ cat population but he would much rather live in a single pet home where he can sit and cuddle with you all day. If you are unaware of what FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) means for cats, it weakens their immune systems and leaves them more susceptible to respiratory infections and dental issues.  Yet, in the right environment, FIV+ cats can live a long and comfortable life (even to be over 20 years old!) even while coexisting with other healthy cats.  To read more about Feline Immunodeficiency check out this article on Understanding Feline Immunodeficiency Virus by Playful Kitty. To read more about Jackson, check out his adoption page.

Los Angeles Cat Adoption BigglesBiggles, short for Mr. Bigglesworth is a a 5 1/2 year old black domestic short hair cat.  He is a very well mannered cat who loves getting attention and giving baths.  He was turned into a city shelter as a stray.  He is very comfortable around people and isn’t afraid to let you know what he thinks.  Biggles is also FIV+. Heaven on Earth rescued Biggles from the city shelter and he now resides at Perry’s Place in their boom boom room with Jackson and other FIV+ cats.  Like Winnie and Jackson, Biggles also wants to find his FuRRRRever home where he can spend the rest of his days lounging and getting lots of love and attention.  For more information on Feline Immunodeficiency check out the FIV page at Kitty Cat Chronicles for more facts and articles.    To read more about Biggles, check out his adoption page.

Do you have a spot in your home and heart for Winnie, Jackson, or Biggles?  Even if you are not looking to adopt or they are not the right fit for you, you can still help them find their FuRRRRever home by sharing this article.

For more information on Winnie, Jackson, Biggles, or any of the other cats at Heaven on Earth, email them at adoptions@heavenlypets.org or call them at 818-474-2700.

Will you do your part by sharing this article to help Winnie, Jackson, and Biggles find their FuRRRRever homes?

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