Los Angeles Dog Adoption Of The Week- Meet 10 East Valley Shelter Dogs

Rufus and Delilah is featuring 10 shelter dogs from East Valley Animal Services this week as the Los Angeles Dog Adoption of the week.  If you or anyone you know is considering getting a dog, please go to the East Valley Animal Services or check out the Facebook page for Friends of East Valley Animal Services for some truly amazing dogs in need of finding their FuRRRRever homes.

If you didn’t read our article on July 7th, East Valley Animal Services #4DAYS4LIFE Campaign Saves 60+ Shelter Dogs From Euthanization, you are missing out on a great story.   East Valley Animal Services volunteers started an impromptu social media campaign on July 2nd asking the community to help either adopt or foster 60+ of their shelter dogs over the 4th of July weekend to make room for all the dogs they expected to come in because they would either run away after getting spooked by fireworks or would wander out of 4th of July celebrations when doors and gates were not closed properly.

As a result of fostering out so many dogs from the East Valley Animal Shelter in the #4DAYS4LIFE Facebook campaign, the feedback posted from the temporary fosters on the Friends of East Valley Animal Services gives new light to how wonderful these dogs truly are when outside of their shelter cages including pictures and videos showing happy dogs rather than scared looking dogs in their shelter cages. The feedback also includes descriptions on the dogs personalities and how they get along with people and pets.  When potential adopters go to a shelter to look for a dog, if they don’t know these types of details, it can be a deal breaker making it so they don’t bring home a shelter dog.

Today Rufus and Delilah is featuring 10 of the East Valley Animal Services dogs who need FuRRRRever homes after they return from their #4DAYS4LIFE foster stays.

East Valley Animal Services OpieAnother #4DAY4LIFE pooch that has to go back to the shelter on 7/7/15…. can anyone foster? Can you share so he can find a home? From his foster mom, “This is Opie’s last night with me and I am begging for help to find this amazing boy a home. He is so loving and affectionate, Please PLEASE help me find this boy a home!”
Opie is ID# A1362200 available for adoption via the East Valley Animal Shelter! To see Opie’s post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services Peanut#‎4DAYS4LIFE‬ – Peanut’s last night in his foster home….please share to find him a home or another foster! “This big pup has been such a joy to have around. From playing fetch to watching him amuse himself by throwing his stuffed teddy bear into the air and trying to catch it, he has brought nothing but happiness into my home – which is something I know he will do for a forever-family! He’s a big bundle of happiness and is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever fostered. Here‘s a bit more information on him (scale of 1-10): TRAINING: 8 (house trained, can sit, lay, and shake)
WALKING: 6 (excited at first, but then a good leash-walker)
ENERGY: 6-8 (loves going for walks and jogs, but once inside, a totally chill cuddler)
Peanut will be available July 7th for adoption!! Head down to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, CA or give them a call at 888.452.7381. Save this adorable little (big) guy and make your life a little happier!!” Ask for him by his ID ‪#‎A1463732 Peanut is a neutered male 4 year old Labrador mix, weighs 81 pounds.  To see Peanut’s post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services ApolloAPOLLO is a loving and charming 5 year old Staffordshire Mix at East Valley….he got adopted but the existing dog in the house didn’t like having another dog around…so APOLLO was returned – the family said APOLLO did great while he was with them….Please help this boy! He is on the Red List and needs a foster, rescue, or adopter!
To see Apollo’s post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services Kenya#4days4life foster dog Kenya is enjoying her holiday out of the shelter by dining out at Cheebo & keeping up with newspaper reading! Her foster says : “She is beautiful inside & out. Very smart & LOVES other dogs. House trained in 1 day, sits, comes on command. Just so different once out of the shelter! Kenya is ID #A1556117 she’s a 1 year old chocolate spayed girl Pit Bull who weighs 52 pounds. To meet her, ask for her by her ID# at the East Valley Animal Shelter ask the shelter to contact her foster to arrange a meeting. Thank you! — at East Valley Animal Shelter.  To see Kenya’s post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services SallyFrom Sally’s #4days4life foster. “She is a very smart and energetic puppy. She loves belly rubs and gets long great with other dogs. She has basically learned the sit command in 2 days. She’s young and needs more training & guidance. She is very trainable. Contact the shelter or message this page if you want to meet her”. To see Sally’s post on Facebook, check out this link. Also, from another Facebook post from Sally’s #4days4life foster.She’s about 9 months old and likely a Husky-German Shepard mix. Sally is sweet-natured and gets along really well with other dogs. I have introduced her to 3 dogs and she is neither aggressive nor timid, just really playful. She loves belly rubs and affection. She has tons of puppy energy and she needs a home where she will learn basic commands and skills.
her ID is A1555765″.  To see this Facebook post on Sally, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services Sasha#4DAYS4LIFE Sasha in her foster! Her foster mom writes, “She’s doing so fantastic! Only problem is she wants to be so close to me it’s hard to walk without almost tripping on her!” Sasha is ID# A1562066 – ADOPT her via the East Valley Animal Shelter! — at East Valley Animal Shelter. To see Sasha’s post on Facebook, check out this link.

East Valley Animal Services BerryAwesome update from Berry’s #4days4life foster! “This is Berry “A1565205” and he is a 1 year old, mostly white Chihuahua mix that weighs about 8 lbs. Pictures don’t do justice to how adorable he is. As I write this he is curled up by my side sleeping with his head on my arm, but when he’s awake he’s either playing and running around with my dog (which I’ve been trying to limit since Berry has just been fixed) or giving kisses. At 1 year old I was shocked that he hasn’t had any accidents in the house and isn’t much of a chewer. He loves being outside and going for walks, loves other dogs, and has been very quiet. He has been working on “sit” and is doing very well. So, if you’re looking for a well behaved, young, small dog who loves to snuggle and play, please contact me at f0sse@hotmail.com or the East Valley Animal Shelter if you’re interested in Berry. Until then I am grateful to have to pleasure of being his temporary mommy.” — thank you Tanya for fostering him and sending this great update!— at East Valley Animal Shelter. To see Berry’s post on Facebook, check out this link.


East Valley Animal Services Randy#4DAYS4LIFE foster update! Foster says: “Randy has been just a ball of love. She was soooo timid at the shelter but that is the polar opposite of how this young lady really is! She loves to play with toys, she loves to run around, she’s pretty active yet has a nap inside her post each burst of energy. She prefers naps as the sun sets in a chair next to the window.. Not a requirement… But she may propose otherwise. She isn’t dead set on her name, as in it could definitely be changed. She responds better to little girl than she does “Randy”, because after all, she is a girly girl. She definitely needs some obedience training but has been picking things up pretty quickly with repetition. She pulls on the leash, which we are working on. But I just see it as she’s trying to show the world how pretty and cute she is before I can… Yes, that must be it. She also has the cutest under-bite that you’ll ever come across. And as I think Randy may have said “if you don’t like under-bites, then you better have a napping window for when the sun sets”… Or something like that. wink emoticon Randy’s ID number is #A1565387 she’s a 5 year old spayed female little cute brown dog mix, ask to adopt her by her ID# at the East Valley Animal Shelter! To view Randy’s post on Facebook, check out this link.


East Valley Animal Services Johnny#4DAYS4LIFE foster update! Foster says: “Okay here are some better pictures of “Little Johnny”, my temp foster pup that I pulled from East Valley Shelter this morning as part of the four day foster program to help save lives during the busy 4th of July weekend.  Johnny is approximately 1-2 years old, neutered Chihuahua mix. He is super sweet, very food motivated, seems to be house broken, good with the other dogs, and appears to bond quickly as he is already following me all over the house.  He is a very athletic little guy, with long legs and the most soulful eyes. He needs a forever home.”  To Johnny’s post on Facebook, check out this link.


To see any of these dogs in person or any of the other wonderful dogs needing a FuRRRRever home, the East Valley Animal Shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen Street, Van Nuys, 91405. The phone number is 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381.  Ask for the dogs by name or by their shelter number. The East Valley Animal Shelter is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays, and they are closed on Mondays and Holidays.

All these pups deserve a home with a family or companion who understands commitment and responsibility, who would never abandon them again. Do you have a place in your home and in your heart for one of these shelter dogs? 

Even if you are not looking to adopt, you can still help these sweet dogs by sharing this article with friends and family or on social media for other people to see who may be considering getting a dog.


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