Top Five Reasons To Give My Sherman Oaks Pet Sitter Two Sets Of Keys

sherman oaks pet sitter two sets of keysI am often asked why I require two sets of keys when caring for client’s pets.

Whether we are coming as your dog walker for weekly dog walks or as your pet sitter caring for your pets when you are away, having two sets of keys allows us to be prepared for the unexpected.  One key is for the dog walker or pet sitter for the visits and the other key is for us to hold in the office in the event of an emergency so we can always get to our clients pets should something happen to the main set of keys.

Below are the top five reasons why I require clients to give their pet sitter two sets of keys.  sherman oaks pet sitter key in door

  1. On the off chance a sitter locks themselves out during the dog walk or pet sitting visit we are able to get them back inside.
  2. If the sitter who has the key has an emergency and can’t get to the client’s pets, we can send another sitter.
  3. If the key breaks in the lock, we can use the backup key after pulling out the broken key.
  4. If the key stops working, we can then use the backup key.
  5. So we don’t have to trouble the client while they are at work or out of town when there is an issue with a key.

The above are all examples of situations that we have experienced while caring for client’s pets.  In fact, while writing this I got a call from a Sherman Oaks pet sitter who accidentally locked herself out of a clients home while walking the clients dogs.  Because we had two sets of keys, we were able to let her back in with ease.  We didn’t need to trouble or worry our client providing peace of mind when experiencing the unexpected.  

If you haven’t hired a pet sitter before but are thinking of doing so in the future you may find our article useful on Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Professional Pet Sitter.

Do you give two sets of keys to your pet sitter so they can always access your home and your pets in the event of an emergency?




  • Kenye says:

    Hello there! Your write-up rocks as well as being a legitimate fantastic understand!?? —

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy you like this post and found it be useful.

  • That is something I’ve never thought of, but I think it is a great idea. Once I locked my keys in my sister’s home, while I was taking care of her dogs. Luckily my other sister has a set of keys and let me in. Otherwise, it would have been a big problem!

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    Having two sets of working keys to all clients is a must in order to guarantee we can always get to their pets in the event of an emergency or should a key stop working. I am everything worked out when you locked your sisters keys in her home while caring for her dogs because your other sister had a copy of her key.

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