Do You Know Where To Get A Cat?

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If you decided a cat is the right pet for you, do you know where to get a cat?  There is a large number of cats seeking a forever home and they could be strays, rescues, or even from a pet store.  Finding a cat to make your own should be easy once you know where to look.  With a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can even look for a cat without leaving the comfort of your home.


Places where to get a cat.

  • You will find numerous cats of various breeds and ages at your local animal shelters.  Given that we at Rufus and Delilah Dog Walking and Pet Sitting are located in the Los Angeles area, if you are local to us you can look online for adoptable shelter cats at L.A. Animal Services.  If you are located outside the Los Angeles area, search online for your local animal services.
  • Reach out to local rescue groups.  Rescues will also have an abundance of cats for you to choose from to make your own. Nearby to Rufus and Delilah Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, you can look online for adoptable cats at The Pet Orphans in Van Nuys or at Cat Connection LA  in Sherman Oaks.  To find cat rescues in your area, do an online search for cat rescues in your city.
  • Call your veterinarian, local pet stores, or local groomers to see if they have any upcoming cat adoption events.
  • If there is a stray cat that keeps coming by your home and doesn’t have a collar with ID tags, you can take that cat to a veterinarian to see if it has a microchip.  If a quick scan shows that the cat doesn’t have a microchip and if no one in your area has posters looking for the cat, you may be able to take the cat in to be your own.
  • Although we prefer adopting a cat from a rescue or shelter, if you live in an area that allows pet stores to sell cats, you can go to a pet store.
  • If you have your heart set on a specific breed that you can’t find at a shelter or rescue, look up cat breeders online.

Did you find this list useful?  Do you have other suggestions where to get a cat?  Where did you get your cat?

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