Holiday Gifts For Fashionable Female Dog Lovers

I love dogs and I love to shop.  I figured who would be better than a dog crazy mom, who loves her fashion, to put together not only a list of holiday gifts for dog lovers but to make it specific for fashionable female dog lovers.  Even just the thought of combining these two things I love, makes me giddy.  While I am not a fan of collecting chachkis or being given gifts for my home, the one gift I always love receiving is something with dogs on it.  I am always on the search for a cool dog item I can wear, carry with me, or share with someone else.  Call me dogcentric!

My favorite categories for shopping for fashionable dog related items are clothes, shoes, gear to make it easier to take your dog on the go, and jewelry.  Check out my list of fashionable holiday gifts for dog lovers that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Clothes for Dog Lovers

PJ Salvage Classic Dogs Flannel PJ Set Multi

Shoes for Dog Lovers

Gear To Make It Easier For Dog Lovers To Take Your Dog On The Go

  • Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog StrollerFor the doggy mom who likes to take her dog on the go but whose dog doesn’t like to walk a lot of distance, check out Pet Strollers by Pet Gear Inc.  Before we added Florence, our French Bulldog, to our family, we bought Beatrice a stroller so we could take her with us on longer walks than she could do on her own.
  • For the female dog lover who likes to carry her small dog with her when running errands, there are a plethora of brands that sell dog carrier bags from haute couture to everyday affordable brands.  The most expensive pet carriers I found are Louis Vuitton Dog Carriers.  There are two options both over $2500.  Still expensive but more affordable for the lady who wants a designer brand is this Tory Burch Wool Pet Tote for $295.  A less expensive option but still more money than most people may spend is this Dogs of Glamour Classic Tote – Quilt for $209.99 at Felix Chien.  For great looking pet carriers that are more affordable, check out this Zack & Zoey Croco Pet Carrier Tote for $59.99 or this Bark N Bag Monaco Tote  at $69.99 also available online at Felix Chien.  To see more designer dog purses, go to Felix Chien.
  • Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers - 4Knines Doggy Car Seat CoverHelp keep your female dog lovers car seats clean and protected from doggy fur, doggy slobber, and doggy paws with a car seat cover.  I love the cover I use from 4Knines for my dogs, Beatrice and Florence, for their daily car ride.  The quality is excellent and it looks really nice in my car.
  • If the female dog lover in your life needs help getting her pooch(es) in and out of her car, how about giving the gift of a pet ramp or pet stairs from Pet Gear Inc. to help save her back?

Jewelry for Dog Lovers

Other great holiday gifts for fashionable female dog lovers are books about dogs, art with dogs, custom or professional photographs of your female dog lovers’ dog, and dog stationery.

Which of these holiday gifts for fashionable female dog lovers would the female in your life like to receive? Is there another gift you would give that isn’t listed?  Perhaps a new dog?


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