How Do I Find A Pet Sitter?

How Do I Find A Pet SitterYou booked a trip away including travel and accommodations but you have pets at home who you can’t take with you.   What do you do next to make sure your dogs, cats, or other pets will be well cared for while you are away?  I often get asked how do I find a pet sitter if someone contacts me who lives in a city we don’t cover for pet sitting.

I like to do everything I can by searching on the Internet.  I like the idea of being able to read testimonials and reviews on websites before contacting a pet sitter or pet sitting business but there are also good ways to find a pet sitter aside from searching online.

Top 6 Suggestions To Help Find A Pet Sitter

  1. Do a Google search for a pet sitter in your city.  For example, enter search terms like ‘Pet Sitter Sherman Oaks’, ‘Dog how to find a find a pet sitter Google Search Dog Sitter Sherman OaksSitter Studio City’, or ‘Cat Sitter Encino’.
  2. Go to the website for the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters at, to see if there are members who service your city by choosing the option on their home page for ‘Find a Pet Sitter’.
  3. Do a search on Yelp for a pet sitter in your city similar to the search on Google.
  4. Ask your Veterinarian if they have referrals to pet sitters.
  5. Ask your favorite local pet stores if they have referrals to pet sitters.
  6. Ask your neighbors, friends, and family who have pets if they have a pet sitter they use and like.

By using the above options, you should be able to find a pet sitter or pet sitting business in your area.

For more information on hiring a pet sitter if this your first time, you may like our articles on What To Look For When Hiring A Pet Sitter and What Questions Should I Ask When Checking References For A Pet Sitter.

Do you have other suggestions on how to find a pet sitter?






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  • Thanks for the tip that Yelp can also be a good place where I can find a home pet sitting service. I’m interested in looking for one because I’d like to pay my grandparents a visit and stay with them for a couple of days. I think it would be better to leave my cat at home because it might be tricky to bring her along in the car with me.

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