How To Prepare Your Home Before Bringing Home A Puppy

How To Prepare Your Home Before Bringing Home A PuppyAre you getting ready to bring home a new puppy? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of how cute a puppy is from their little paws, their cute puppy breath, and the enthusiastic way a puppy comes running towards you, only to go bonk! Straight on their cute little behind. Sure, that puppy will be just about the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen, but have you considered how to prepare your home before bringing home a puppy?

Start puppy-proofing for your new furry friend’s sake, for your sake, and for your home’s sake before you bring your new bundle of puppy perfection home.

Here are some simple yet effective ways on how to prepare your home before bringing home a puppy:

  • Provide plenty of toys

Puppies have boundless energy and need some way to exhaust that energy without becoming inadvertently destructive. Make sure you have plenty of toys – chew toys, throw toys, and kongs – to keep your puppy interested and active. Taking your pup for frequent walks once he has all his shots and playing with him will also help prevent your puppy from becoming destructive.

  • Use an appropriate water bowl

Give your new puppy a water bowl that is appropriate for his size. If he’s a small chihuahua, for example, don’t give him a large bowl in which he can easily fall and drown.

  • Hide and/or protect wires

Those little puppy teeth nibbling on your hand might just tickle. But, as cute as those baby teeth may be, they can get your puppy into a lot of trouble, especially if he takes to chewing on wires and cords. A live wire could result in both destruction of your property and, even more important, can cause harm to your puppy. Many home stores sell wire protectors or you can find alternative ways to keep the wires out of your puppy’s reach.

  • Put shoes away

Your favorite shoes may well become your puppy’s favorite new chew toy. That’s why it’s so important to put shoes away, whether locked in a closet or up on a shelf, where your puppy cannot reach them. Oh, and clothing? Same principle applies.

  • Keep a lid on it

A pile of trash in a trash can – to a puppy, at least – may seem like the perfect playground. After all, he can tip the trash can over and explore through everything that falls out, including that leftover food from dinner. If you’re going to keep a trash can out in any room of the house, make sure it has a secure lid on it to protect it from a lovable rambunctious puppy.

  • Keep the bathroom door shut

The easiest way to protect your puppy from the dangers in the bathroom is to keep the door shut. However, if that isn’t an option, always keep the toilet seat down (your puppy could try to jump up, fall in, and ultimately drown). Put medications in the medicine cabinet, move the toilet paper so isn’t reachable and add childproof locks to the cabinets to keep your puppy out.

  • Keep poisonous plants out of reach

Puppies share the same curiosity as children and that curiosity, although magical to watch, can get a puppy into a lot of trouble. Know what plants – such as aloe, azalea, baby’s breath, and daffodil – are toxic to dogs and keep them out of your puppy’s reach.

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What tips do you have on how to prepare your home before bringing home a puppy?


*This blog was updated in March of 2019.*

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