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Fun Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Dog

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Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog?  Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for families to gather together to bond over a lavish Turkey feast while enjoying each other’s company.  Although Thanksgiving Day activities can be hectic, remember to include your furry friend too.  If you’ve…

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Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Dogs And Cats

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Did you know that household plants, though aesthetically pleasing, can also be harmful to our pets?  While dogs and cats are traditionally known to be carnivorous, plant ingestion by pets has become a common behavior.  This makes it extremely important to protect our pets from ingesting the wrong plants as…

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Foxtails and Dogs: What Every Dog Owner Should Know

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Count your blessings if you’re unfamiliar with foxtails and dogs! These annoying plant bristles grow in abundance.  When dried, they find their way into a dog’s ears, nose, eyes, mouth and every other opening. Foxtails cause the most trouble for dogs during spring and summer, especially in dry climates.  This…

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