How Modern Technology Can Help Clean Up A Dog Poop Problem

Dog PoopThere is nothing I hate more than pet parents and dog walkers who don’t pick up dog poop when walking their dogs.  It irks me so much that I will pull over when driving or stop when walking to ask the offender if they would like a poop bag.  I mean, I just don’t get it.  How rude do you have to be to intentionally leave your dogs poop?  I realize if your dog has diarrhea or a really loose poop it may be nearly impossible to pick all of it up but at the very least, try to clean it up.  Ask anyone who walks outdoors regularly if they see dog poop left on lawns and sidewalks.  I would be willing to be that an overwhelming number of people will say yes.

Many cities and counties have ordinances making it illegal to leave dog poop left behind.  Not only is the dog poop toxic to the environment, it pollutes our water supply and causes diseases like e.coli, roundworms, and tapeworms to name a few.  And we all know, stepping in dog poop sucks.  In Los Angeles County, the Nuisance Ordinance says “Animal defecation on public property or upon private property other than the owners property is prohibited.”  To read more about California Pooper Scooper Laws check out this link.  Yet even with these ordinances and laws, there are numerous people who feel they are not accountable and do not pick up their dogs poop when taking their dogs on walks or potty breaks.

Dog Poop Stoop & Scoop Sign I see an abundance of poop left on streets with more residential buildings than houses but this problem exists in all types of neighborhoods.  In fact, when I went to walk my own dogs, Beatrice and Florence, while writing this, I found dog poop left on my front lawn.  Unfortunately, the signs asking dog parents and dog walkers to clean up after their dogs are ineffective since the offenders are not worried about getting caught.  What if I told you there is a way to match the dog poop left behind to the dog’s DNA to find the pet parent?  Do you think that would make pet parents and dog walkers accountable?  I certainly believe it would help diminish this stinky, messy, and environmentally unfriendly problem.

PooPrints, a dog DNA matching service, offers an affordable and easy solution for pet friendly apartments, condos, town homes, and gated housing communities where there is a property manager.  If the property management signs up for their services, PooPrints can match the pets DNA with the unpicked up poop.  Gathering the pets DNA is as simple as having the pet parent take a quick DNA cheek swab from their dogs mouth that is then sent to the PooPrints lab.  The pet and residents’ information is entered and stored into a secure database.  Should dog poop then be found left behind, a small sample can be analyzed to match it with the pet and offending owner.

If pet parents knew their dogs DNA was registered into a database that could match their dogs poop with them, do you think more people would pick up their dogs poop?  If you don’t believe that would help clean up this mess, check out this article as proof.  While this DNA poop matching service is currently only being offered to housing communities with property management, I think in the future there should be a way to require all pet parents to register their dogs DNA to help stop this shitty problem.  What do you think?



  • Lawarence says:

    This is a great article! Thanks for sharing with us!.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    So glad you liked this article. If only more pet parents would be diligent about picking up their dog’s poop there wouldn’t need to be companies like PooPrints. Yet, it’s great they offer this service to help make pet parents accountable.

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