Should I Choose A Dog Walking Service In Los Angeles Based On Price?

Dog Walking ServiceBudget plays an important role in most of our decisions. But, there are just some things that you really can’t choose based on price alone. Think of it this way. Would you choose the surgeon who offers a deep discount because he’s had some legal troubles in the past or would you prefer paying the extra money to work with a highly experienced surgeon with a stellar record?

Quality matters, especially when you’re talking about your well-being or the well-being of those you love, including your beloved pooch.

Here are five important reasons you should never choose a dog walking service in Los Angeles or any other city based on price alone:

1. You get what you pay for

You’ve probably heard that old, grammatically incorrect cliché, right? Well, it’s true. Sure, a novice professional dog walker may offer cutthroat rates just to build a clientele. But, eventually he/she is either going to burn out from working too many hours for too little pay and close up shop or he/she is going to raise his/her rates to an acceptable level.

2.  Professionals run a business

When you hire a dog walker, you are hiring a professional who has a business to run. The fee a professional dog walker charges isn’t simply pocketed as profit. He/she must also pay taxes, for liability insurance, to market the business, to pay the sitters, and to ultimately pay himself/herself.

In addition, a professional dog walker is going to have a system in place to ensure your dog never misses a dog walking appointment. A professional will have a backup walker in place to care for your dog in case a sitter cannot make an appointment due to an emergency or illness.

3.  You will sign a contract

Use extreme caution if you decide to work with a dog walker without having a contract. Having a contract will protect you, your dog, and your dog walker. A contract will explain in detail what is expected of both you and of the dog walker. For example, it may advise you whether there is a cancellation fee, how you can pay for walks, and so on. Read the contract carefully before signing on the dotted line.

4.  Your dog will receive personalized attention

Imagine you work with a dog walker who is charging peanuts to walk his/her clients’ dogs. Just to afford to pay his/her bills every month, he/she is going to have to walk more dogs than a professional would. That means your dog isn’t going to receive the same one-on-one personalized attention as he would with a professional dog walker.

5.  You will enjoy peace of mind

It all goes back to that sentiment that you get what you pay for. Working with a professional compared to a hobbyist will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your dog will be well cared for by someone who understands how to care for dogs and who has the background, the insurance, and the systems in place to ensure a high quality experience for both you and for your dog.

If you haven’t hired a dog walker but are thinking about it, you may be interested in reading our article on Benefits Of Hiring A Dog Walker.

Would you choose a dog walking service in Los Angeles or any other city where you live based on price? Why or why not?

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