Extravagant Gifts For Dog Lovers

gifts for dog loversC’mon. Admit it. You spoil your beloved pup every day of the year. You head into your favorite store, planning to buy just the necessities. But, you see the perfect toy, treat, or bed for your pampered pooch. How can you resist?

You lavish your dog with love. Now it’s your turn to enjoy that same spoiling this holiday season. Make your list for Santa and his helpers and don’t forget to include the most unique and extravagant gifts for dog lovers like you.

Five extravagant gifts for dog lovers

  1.  Prop up your feet

Inspired by the majestic French palace just outside of Paris, the Versailles Stool Bed promises luxury for both you and for your dog. Your dog can slip inside the handcrafted bed while you prop your feet up on the footstool, drink a cool glass of your favorite beverage, and watch television or read a good book as you listen to the sweet melody of your dog’s soft snoring. Check out the Versailles Stool Bed for yourself at http://www.poshpuppyboutique.com/product_p/une-007g-f54-i.htm.

2.  Honor your pup

Transform your blank wall space into a tribute to your best four-legged friend with the unique and extravagant dog blueprint. Yes, blueprint like architects use when designing buildings. Just choose your dog’s breed. The vintage-replica blueprint, encased in an elegant yet unassuming frame, includes a drawing of your dog’s breed and important facts about the breed. Make sure Santa knows where to go to get your dog’s blueprint: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/large-dog-blueprints.

3.  Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you always wanted to see your name in lights or rolling through the credits of your favorite TV show? Now’s your chance! The World Animal Awareness Society offers dog lovers the unique opportunity to have their name listed as a line producer for each of the more than 24 episodes of the Animal Rescue TV Show in 2016. Watch for your name to scroll at the end of every episode of the New Year. Send Santa to the World Animal Awareness Society’s website by clicking here: http://www.wa2s.org/gifts-for-animal-lovers.html.

4.  Celebrate true love

Show the world how much you love your dog, even when he’s not with you, by sporting a bona fide love bracelet, made of sterling silver, on your wrist. The stunning bracelet, designed and sold by Paws Jewelry, is made in America. Add a pair of matching earrings or a matching pendant for your necklace to complete the look. Check out the bracelet that is a testament to true love at http://www.dazzlingpawsjewelry.com/paw-print-and-bone-bracelet-paw-bracelet-p/9918-9504-9100-9104-1011.htm.

5.  Memorialize your friendship

Your dog will forever be a part of your heart and your family, even though he only has limited years with you. Memorialize your friendship by commissioning an artist to create an oil painting of you and your dog together. The good news is you don’t have to worry about convincing your dog to sit still. The lifelike painting will be created all from your favorite photograph(s). Start planning where you will hang your dog’s portrait and who will paint it by visiting: https://www.paintyourlife.com/subject-pets-portraits.php.

What is the top extravagant gift for dog lovers on your wish list this holiday season?


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