Things To Do Before You Bring Home A Cat

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Once you make a decision that a cat is the right pet for you, it is wise to plan ahead so you will be prepared when you welcome your new family member into your home.  Like parent’s having baby showers to help receive the basics they need before their baby arrives, there are things you can do before you bring home a cat to prepare you both for your new life together.

Top 8 things to do before you bring home a cat.

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  1. Buy bowls for food and water but stay away from plastic.   Plastic bowls are bad for pets.
  2. Decide what type of food you would like to feed your cat and have it at home.  There are several types of foods to choose from such as dry food, wet food, and raw food.  Some foods are meant to be given at certain ages.  Some foods have limited ingredients which can be better for your cat if you think they may have allergies.  If you will be feeding your cat food that is different from what they were eating before they came into your home, you will want to go through a slow process introducing them to the new food so you won’t cause any stomach upset.
  3. Purchase a litter box, fresh litter, deodorizer, and a scooper for cleaning it daily.  Decide where you will keep the litter box and find a place nearby to keep all the accessories for easy access when using them.  You may also want to get a pad to place under the litter box to help keep the floor clean and a small hand held vacuum to help clean up any litter that comes out of the box when your cats comes in and out of it.
  4. Buy toys.  Having toys to play with are a great form of physical and mental exercise.  Toys don’t have to be fancy.  Cats often get enjoyment from playing on their own with crumpled up paper, bags, and boxes.  They also like to chase or jump after toys you can hold and sway around or throw for them to chase.
  5. Get a cat scratching post so your cat will have a place in your home where they can act out an innate need to scratch without causing damage to your furniture.
  6. Purchase a cat tower.  A cat tower is a multi-level piece of furniture meant solely for your cat.  It makes a great place for your cat to leap from level to level, act out their scratching need, and offer places to rest.  If toys are attached it will offer more fun for your cat when feeling frisky and playful on their own so they can jump after or swat at the toys to play with them.
  7. Find a local veterinarian you like and trust who you can bring your cat to for annual wellness checks, for emergencies, or when they are not feeling well.
  8. Purchase a cat carrier so you have it for trips to the veterinarian or if there is an emergency causing you to evacuate your home.

Do you have suggestions for other things to do before you bring home a cat?

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