Is A Cat The Right Pet For You ?

Is A Cat The Right Pet For You

Did you know that cats outnumber dogs in U.S. households making cats a more popular pet?  According to the Humane Society in their article, Pets By The Numbers, from a 2017-2018 survey, there are 94.2 million pet cats whereas there are 89.7 million pet dogs.  If you are contemplating adding a cat to your family, have you asked yourself is a cat the right pet for you?

Before bringing home a cat, there are important things to think about to ensure a cat will be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Things to consider to help determine is a cat the right pet for you


The lifespan of most household pets is short compared to the average human lifespan.  That being said, if you are contemplating becoming a cat parent, did you know cats often live between 15-18 years?  In case you are not ready to make that long of a commitment, we suggest adopting an older cat.


Although cats are often considered to be independent in comparison to dogs in behavior, cats are very dependent on their pet parents for their daily needs.  This includes providing food, water, treats, medical care, a litter box with fresh litter, love, affection, toys, and playtime.  Can you provide your cat with these necessities?  Bills for food and veterinary care should also be an added consideration.

Unconditional Love

Cats are known to provide unconditional love.  If you would like a pet who will love you unconditionally wanting to be pet and cuddled while requiring little exercise then a cat would make a great pet.

Low Maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats do not require walks, can stay indoors, and are self cleaning.  They are also easy to potty train to use a litter box.  You can keep your cat indoors 24/7.  This may be a plus if you live in an apartment or in an area where being outside and exposed to coyotes, other wild animals, or oncoming cars could pose a threat to their safety.  Cats do not need baths on a regular basis, but do require some brushing or grooming depending on breed of cat.  Do you know that cats spend about 50% of their daily awake time grooming themselves?


Will your lifestyle be accommodating for a cat?  Do you have time to spend with your cat?  Will it be a problem if your cat claws at your furniture or jumps up on your counter tops?  Are you allergic?  Will you mind that they shed and their fur will get on your clothes, furniture, and all around your home?  Will you be diligent about cleaning their litter box?

What do you think now?  Is a cat the right pet for you?  What other things would you suggest we add when considering is a cat the right pet for you?

If you are ready to bring a cat into your life and you live in the Los Angeles area there are wonderful cats in need of a furever home at the local shelters at the LA Animal Services.

*This article was updated in August, 2018.*











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