How To Exercise Your Dog Indoors On Hot Summer Days

Exercise Your Dog Indoors

If it’s hot outside for you, chances are that it is too hot for your pup. Extreme heat is draining, stressful and dehydrating for both people and dogs.  For our dogs it can cause heat exhaustion and burned paw pads. Yet, like humans, dogs need to exercise regularly and that means even when the weather is extreme.  That’s why we are taking the time to share ways to exercise your dog indoors on hot summer days.

Below are tips on how to exercise your dog indoors on hot summer days:

  1. Use The Stairs

If your house is more than one story, running or walking your dog up and down the stairs is a great way to exercise your dog indoors. The staircase adds an extra challenge to your dog’s indoor exercise regimen.  It makes use of different muscles than those used during a regular walk or run. This type of activity adds an extra level of difficulty with each change in elevation. Stay at the topmost part of the stairs and throw a toy down to your dog at the base of the stairs. As soon as your pup grabs the toy, call him to climb the stairs and bring you the toy. Several rounds of this at a pace comfortable for your dog is a perfect way to exercise your dog indoors.

  1. Do A Hallway Chase To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

No stairway? Never mind! Your hallway will do. Simply chase your dog up and down your hallway! Make creepy, scary or funny noises while you do this to add some sound element. This is a nice alternative to outdoor exercise but first make sure the floor isn’t slippery.

  1. Tennis Ball Fetch

Another way to exercise your dog indoors is to roll a tennis ball down your hallway.  Let him chase after the tennis ball when playing fetch.  If you have more than one dog, an effective method is to either tire them out one after the other or rotate them in and out every few minutes to play and fetch the ball.

  1. Laser Challenge

Here’s a classic. Like cats, dogs also enjoy chasing the red dot of a laser pointer around the house and up the walls. This is a good way to keep them active and excited. However, be careful that your pup does not run into anything or harm the walls if jumping.

  1. Play Keep Away To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Engage your furry friend in a fetch and keep away game. This game will keep your dog engaged, active, and helps release pent up energy. Get your friend/roommate/spouse to join in the game. While your dog watches, toss a soft ball or toy to your partner in a room or space safe from breakable items. When your pup starts looking tired, drop the soft ball within his grasp “accidentally” so that he can have a temporary win and take a break.

  1. Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Treadmill

Getting your dog on a treadmill is an excellent way to exercise your dog indoors. However, there are multiple steps to take first to ensure your dog’s safety and so you don’t scare your pup in the process.   If you are interested in teaching your dog to walk on a treadmill, you may like this article on Wikihow for How To Get A Dog To Use A Treadmill.

Overall, it’s recommended that dogs get at least 20-40 minutes of continuous physical exercise per day, similar to the amount of daily exercise recommended to humans as well. Don’t let the hot summer weather be a clog in the wheel of your pup getting the recommended daily exercise; exercise your dog indoors using the above-listed tips. Make having to exercise your dog indoors daily the motivation you need to remain happy and healthy too!

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Do you have other suggestions for how to exercise your dog indoors when it is too hot to go on a walk?

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