Tips To Beat The Heat With Your Dog

beat the heat with your dog

Summer has arrived in full force. While summertime heralds the start of cookouts, longer days, and awesome beach experiences, it also means heat, heat, heat. As pet parents, one of your biggest summertime concerns is how to beat the heat with your dog. Yes, the longer days of summer mean you get more time to spend outdoors with your dog, so you’ll want to make sure you and he are both safe in the heat.

It’s vital to keep your dog hot-weather-ready because too much heat exposure can contribute to dehydration, agitated behavior, heavy panting, and trouble breathing for your beloved pet. Now that you know why it’s important to keep yourself and your dog cool in hot weather, check out the tips below to help keep both of you safe and enjoying the summer.

7 Ways To Beat The Heat With Your Dog

  1. Maintain A Cool Home

    Start out by keeping your home at a comfortably cool temperature. Even when you’re at work, your home should be comfortable for your fur baby. Leave the AC or an out-of-reach fan on, so your pet is cool while you’re out earning the cash for his treats and toys.

  2. Guzzle A Cool Drink

    Make sure you drink plenty of water and make sure your pooch has a full water bowl to stave off dehydration. Just like you add ice to your cool drinks, try adding a few ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl. He will enjoy the coolness.

  3. Enjoy A Cool Trim

    The start of the summer season is a good time to treat your dog to a trip to the groomer. A tangle-free, shorter coat will help his body regulate its own heat and he’ll be cute as a button to boot.

  4. Ride In A Cool Car

    Hopefully, it goes without saying that you’d never leave your dog in a hot car with no ventilation. Even a quick run into your local convenience store can cause your precious pet to overheat. Please avoid doing this at all costs.

  5. Take A Cool Walk

    Even in the heat of summer, your dog still needs to go outside, burn off some energy, frolic, and play. Beat the heat with your dog by walking him in the coolest parts of the day – early morning and post sunset. It’s a simple tactic that lets her get the exercise she needs without having to fight the heat from the sun.  If you are not home at these cooler times of day, have you considered hiring a professional dog walker?

  6. Indulge In Cool Play

    Do you have a backyard? Grab an inexpensive kiddie pool from your local big box retailer and fill it with cool water. Your pet will keep cool while he enjoys splashing, playing, and wading. Go all out and invite other pet parents over for a doggie pool party.

  7. Sneak A Cool Nap

    Pick up a cooling mat for your pet. Available in water-filled and gel-filled, they’re a great, low-cost way to beat the heat with your dog. While you’re laying out in the hammock or porch swing, your puppy can enjoy a mat specially designed to help him keep his cool.

Try out the strategies above, then come back and let us know which ones worked best for you. For more tips on ways to beat the heat with your dog, you may like reading How To Exercise Your Dogs Indoors On Hot Summer Days.

Do you have other tips that might help fellow pet parents and their fur babies survive the dog days of summer? Share them in the comments. You might have just the motivation another fur family needs.

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