Dog Friendly Summer Activities

Dog Friendly Summer Activities

Summer is a perfect time to be outdoors with your dog! Kick back, relax and spend time with your friends, family and of course – your pooch – while the days are long and the weather is warm.  If you think outside the box, there are a lot of fun dog friendly summer activities that are safe and exciting to choose from for you to do with your furry companion.

Here’s a list of 7 dog friendly summer activities that you can do with your dog.

  1. Throw A Dog Party

Transform your yard into a dog vacation resort for a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks.  Invite other dog parents, dog lovers and their pups over for a dog-themed cocktail such as Salty Dog for the humans and frozen dog treats for the four-legged pooch party-goers.  Add some inexpensive kiddie pools to the mix and have some fun.

  1. Head To The Beach

Though a lot of popular beaches restrict dogs to off-hours, you will find dog-friendly beaches where your pup is welcome for a romp in the sand, a light swim in the blue ocean and soaking up the sun rays.  Simply provide sun protection for your dog to enjoy this dog friendly summer activity.  And if you can’t make it to the beach, plan a trip to your local river park, swimming pool or lake.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, check out this article for information on dog friendly beaches.

  1. Have A Treasure Hunt In Your Backyard

Can’t make it to the beach?  You’re not out of the game yet!  Build a sand castle.  Turn your kid’s sandbox into a dog sandcastle.  Bury squeaky toys, bones, and toys in which you can hide treats.  Then watch your dog hunt the treasures in the sand.  Keep in mind you may prefer to choose toys that you can easily rinse to wash away the sand after playing.

  1. Splash Fun

Does your dog love water on a hot, humid day?  Turn your backyard into a private water park for your pup! Grab a hose or turn on the sprinklers and encourage your dog to play fetch while running through the water.  For something more sophisticated and upscale, you can buy or make a doggy splash pad for your backyard.  Then sit back and watch your dog cool off while having loads of fun.

  1. Date Night

How about a dinner date with your fav four-legged companion?  Summertime means restaurant patio season is on.  Check your local restaurants for dog-friendly patio dining options and have a date with your dog. Alternatively, you may grab some take out and make it a picnic at a nearby park or even in your own yard.

  1. Camping

Summer is a perfect time to go on a camping trip, and what better way to explore nature than with your dog at your side?  Many state parks and national parks provide both tent and cabin accommodations for dogs.  Pack your knapsack and your dog’s.  Ensure your pup’s vaccination is up to date and remember to apply flea and tick lotion before you set out on the camping trip.

  1. Visit a Farmer’s Market Together

Often open every weekend during the summer season and early in the day before it heats up, a lot of Farmer’s markets welcome pups on leash.  Take a stroll through the aisles, purchase some homemade dog treats and other summer produce.

Summer is short; make memories with your dog that will last forever.  Enjoy the sounds, the colors, the scents and the fun of summer by bringing your dog along on your adventures.  If you experience extreme heat where you live you may like reading articles on Tips To Beat The Heat With Your Dog and How To Exercise Your Dog On Hot Summer Days.

What are your favorite dog friendly summer activities that you do with your pup?

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