Items To Take With You When Dog Walking In Los Angeles

dog walking in los angelesA professional dog walker knows the importance of keeping your dog safe. After all, your dog walker is no different than you. He/she shares the same love of dogs and understands that your pooch is a treasured member of your family. As a result, your professional dog walker will ensure he/she always carries several essential items with him/her when dog walking in Los Angeles. You, too, should carry several necessary items with you every time you take your dog for a walk – whether you’re going around the block or heading on an hours-long hike.

Pack an extra leash and collar

You may have just purchased the best dog leash your dog has ever had. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to unexpectedly deal with a tear or something happening to the leash and even the collar. Pack an extra leash and collar with you on every walk. (The collar should have your dog’s identification tag on it, including your dog’s name and your phone number in case you become separated.) Remember, it’s always better to be prepared even if you never need the leash or the collar.

Make sure your cell phone is charged

Everyone has a cell phone today, especially in Los Angeles. But, you don’t want to count on the kindness of strangers, especially in an emergency or if you plan on walking in a remote area. Always ensure your cell phone is charged so if the unexpected happens, an injury to your dog, for example, you can just dial 911 without wasting time when every moment counts. If your cell’s battery drains as fast as water down a sink, you can ensure your phone is always charged by investing in a mobile charger.

Carry poop bags

We’ve all had it happen at least once. You’re walking down the street, maybe engrossed in conversation, and you just don’t see it. You feel your feet step in a pile of dog feces, left behind from a disinterested dog owner. Don’t be that person. All professional dog walkers in Los Angeles should carry a poop bags to make it easy to clean up and dispose of any dog waste. You, too, can purchase small plastic poop bags on ebay in bulk to ensure you always clean up after your dog.

Don’t forget the water

Keep your dog hydrated all year around by taking water on your walks with you. During the warmer months, your dog can quickly become dehydrated or suffer from heatstroke. You can find a portable water bottle/bowl at pet or big box stores to easily and to quickly give water for your dog.

Reward your dog with a treat

Put some treats in your pocket or in a bag and take them with you on walks. Treats can be a great incentive in getting your dog to listen when you tell him/her to heel or to keep him/her from becoming too excited around other dogs when dog walking in Los Angeles.

What is the most important item you take with you when you walk your dog?

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