Safety Tips For Dog Walking In Sherman Oaks

dog walking in Sherman OaksYour dog looks forward to his/her walk all day, greeting you with excited barks and running around your legs at the sound of the leash being taken off of the door hook. He/she’s ready to get out there, to walk off that extra energy he/she’s been storing up all day, and to spend time with you, his/her best friend. Unfortunately, it’s not always safe to walk, even in the safest of neighborhoods, because motorists don’t always obey the laws. As a result, you must take precautions to ensure both you and your dog’s safety.

Here are several safety tips for dog walking in Sherman Oaks.

Train your dog

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your dog’s safety when going on walks or anywhere out in public is provide your dog with the proper training. Whether you take him/her to a dog obedience class or you use your own knowledge to train your dog, make sure he/she knows basic commands, including sit, heel, and come. Practice the commands with your dog on a regular basis so he/she becomes accustomed to consistently listening.

Stay on the sidewalk

If you’re walking in an area with sidewalks, especially if you are in a spot with heavy traffic, stay on the sidewalk with your dog. Always follow the road signs and cross the street only when you have the right of way or when the traffic light tells you it is safe to do so.

Use a traditional leash

Some people swear by retractable leashes. But, the fact is they can also be dangerous, especially if your dog isn’t trained in how to walk on one. A traditional leash will allow you to keep your dog close to you when there are people around and to better keep a handle on him in all situations.

Avoid walking during the hottest part of the day

If you’ve ever tried to walk barefoot on the pavement on a hot day, you know that the only thing you can think of is getting onto the grass or somewhere that will allow your feet to cool down. Your dog is no different. In fact, he/she can suffer from burns on his paws from the pavement on hot days. To avoid unnecessary injury, walk your dog in the early morning or in the evening hours during hot periods.

Wear bright clothing at night

Traffic, both vehicles and bicycles, must be able to see both you and your dog when it’s dark so make sure you are dressed appropriately when dog walking in Sherman Oaks at night. Wear bright colors that will be easily seen, especially on streets without street lights. You may also want to purchase a bright yellow or orange collar and leash for your dog.

Carry essential items

Always expect the unexpected when walking your dog and carry several essential items during every walk: An extra collar and leash in case one or both break, a bottle of water and a collapsible dog water bowl, a charged cell phone, and a poop bag to clean up after your dog.

What is the best safety tip you can offer for dog walking in Sherman Oaks?

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