Why Should You Hire A Dog Walker?

Do you know why you should hire a dog walker? Long gone are the days when professional dog walking was a luxury that only those with deep pockets could afford. Today, professional dog walkers provide an affordable option for those dog parents who want to ensure their beloved pooches get the exercise and socialization they need to break up what might otherwise be a monotonous day until the family returns home.

hire a dog walker

5 reasons to consider why to hire a dog walker:

1.  You work long hours

Arguably, if given the choice, most people would probably choose staying at home with their fur-babies over spending hours at work each day. But, that’s an option many do not have. A professional dog walker provides you with peace of mind, knowing your dog is getting a much-needed break during the day to exercise, to go potty, to socialize, and to indulge in extra attention.

2.  You want to adopt a dog

Most people have jam-packed schedules that leave little breathing room. Perhaps a busy schedule has deterred you from adopting a homeless dog in the past because you worried about him/her being lonely or frustrated while you were at work all day. A professional dog walker allows you to welcome a dog into your home while providing him/her with the exercise, the attention, and the socialization he/she craves to keep him/her happy and relaxed until you return home.

3.  Your dog isn’t getting sufficient mental and physical stimulation

If your dog is unhappy, you’re going to know about it. He might leave a little present for you at the front door. Or, she might swipe your favorite pair of shoes and redesign them with her teeth. Your favorite chair? It, too, may be in danger if your dog isn’t getting sufficient mental and physical stimulation. A professional dog walker will come to your home, engage with your dog, and take him for a walk where he will have the opportunity to explore his surroundings, enjoy seeing or possibly trying to chase after squirrels, cats, or trucks, as well as taking in some fresh air. When you return home, your dog will be relaxed and eager to see you rather than jumping at your heels for an immediate walk.

4.  Your dog is struggling with weight issues

Overweight dogs can, unfortunately, begin to develop serious health problems, including diabetes and heart issues. A dog who doesn’t get sufficient daily exercise – or who indulges in too many table foods or treats – may struggle with weight issues. You can help your dog lose weight and maintain an ideal weight when you hire a professional dog walker.

5.  You want to say YES!

Having dogs is pretty much the same as having children for many people. You put your dog’s needs and best interests before your own. That might mean saying no to a party or dinner and a movie after work, especially if your dog has been home alone all day. Start offering a resounding YES when you are invited to an event or to spend time with friends and loved ones. Your professional dog walker will tire your dog out during his walks, ensuring he is ready for a nap until you return home.  Then on the days you are going to be out in the evening with friends or for an event, you can request a second walk or even an extended visit to give your dog more love, attention, stimulation, and exercise until you can get home to spend the rest of the evening together.

If you are still not convinced on why to hire a dog walker, check out this article on Benefits Of Hiring A Dog Walker.

Can you think of other reasons to hire a dog walker? Please comment below.


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