Reasons To Be Thankful For Our Dogs

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Thankful For Our DogsWith the Thanksgiving season nearly upon us, everyone is a little more thoughtful and grateful for the little things in life. One of those things we would be wrong to forget? Our dogs! They wiggle and wag their way to the door to greet us when we come home, they snuggle with us when we’re sad, and they do a million other little things that make it clear that we’re important in their lives. Read on for a few good reasons to be thankful for our dogs.

Why we should be thankful for our dogs:

  1. Their love is unconditional

You can leave them all day while you’re at work or go on a week-long vacation – your greeting from your dog upon your arrival will still be as eager and full of joy as it is when you leave for an hour! Showing us their boundless love is one of the reasons dogs make such lovely companions, but in the season of counting our blessings, we shouldn’t forget to count them.

  1. They help us get moving

We’ve all been there – your dog is wound up after a day indoors. All you want to do is curl up on the couch and relax after a busy day, but their excited tip-taps on your floor say you have other plans! Even if it’s just a walk around the block, your dog helps you get up and get exercise. It may be for selfish reasons on their part, but your dog will always more than make up for it in snuggles.

  1. They teach us responsibility

So many of us grew up with dogs, promising and swearing to our parents that we’d take full responsibility and care of the new family member. While this doesn’t always work out exactly as planned (moms and dads, we know you understand), it does teach kids (and adults!) what it’s like to have another being rely on you. Coming home at the same time, making sure to feed and walk your dog, and giving them a bath every now and again shows us what it’s like to take care of someone else, making us more responsible.

  1. They cheer us up

There are the dogs who bring socks to you when you’re sad. There are the ones who just sit nearby, there for moral support and any necessary cuddling. Some even show off with a little trick to get you smiling again! Whatever the case, and however badly your day may go, you can count on your furry friend to cheer you up.

  1. They protect us

Many dogs are natural-born protectors, and there have been countless tales of a loving pet alerting their human to anything from a gas leak to a home intruder. (Not to mention service dogs – the real MVPs.) Your dog knows you well, and they can pick up on your feelings of nervousness if you’re in a scary situation. They want you to be happy and safe – you’re the most important person in their life! – and they do a great job of checking in when they sense something is not right.

  1. They’re just adorable

Does this one even need to be said!? Most dog parents have a smartphone filled with photos of their beloved pet, and can you blame them? Side eyes galore. Tongues out. The look of pure joy when they see a tennis ball coming their way. When you can get them to do a perfect pose just by holding a treat over their head. Your fuzzy friend is downright cute, and that is something to be thankful for!

We know it often comes naturally to appreciate your pet, but this Thanksgiving, be sure to focus on the reasons that we should be thankful for our dogs. It’s easy to take them for granted, but they are worth a little extra loving to make sure they know that we care.

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What do you do for your pets around the holidays to show them you’re thankful for them?

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