Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treating With Your Dog

Trick-Or-Treating With Your DogHalloween can present many hazards to our dogs, whether we stay home passing out candy or if we take them out with us! However, many of us have pets who would hate to miss out on the fun. If you plan to take your pup with you to get candy this Halloween, it’s important to use safety precautions while trick-or-treating with your dog!

Ways to help keep safe during trick-or-treating with your dog:

  1. Be Visible

Make sure your dog is wearing reflective gear, such as a harness, collar or flashing light. This allows others to easily see your dog in the dark, keeping them safe no matter where they are! You want your dog to be visible to people driving cars as well as adults or kids who are out walking. Amazon has a variety of reflective items for your pet to choose from, as well as lights for their collars.

It’s also a good idea to carry a bright flashlight with you to help keep your dog in the spotlight, as well as to point on the ground where you and your dog are walking. This will help ensure your dog isn’t getting into any candy or Halloween decorations that could cause them harm!

  1. Stay Close

Keep your dog on a short leash so you can control and watch where they are going. Retractable leashes work for everyday use but having a sturdy leash during this outing will provide better control over your pet. If they get frightened by a spooky trick-or-treater, or scared by loud music or flashing lights, it may be their first instinct to bolt! Keeping them close will ensure that you can keep them safe, too.

  1. Get Comfortable

Don’t allow kids or other people to come up to your dog unless you know they like interaction from strangers! You want to ensure that your pet is comfortable and has time to sniff and get used to the new person. You may also want to make sure the person approaching your dog knows how to properly introduce themselves to your pooch before petting him or her – feel free to give friendly advice on how your dog likes being greeted!

  1. Avoid Candy

Chocolate can be toxic to dogs, so it’s very important to keep your pooch out of the candy stash! If you see or think your dog ate chocolate, there are some steps you can take.

This Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter is a great resource to learn about symptoms you can look for based on your dog’s weight and the type of chocolate ingested. You can also call the Pet Poison Helpline, as they can help you over the phone for a nominal fee to determine the level of danger your pet is in. Finally, call in the experts: you should always take your dog to your veterinarian or closest emergency pet hospital if you see signs of distress from your pet.

  1. Create A Barrier

When you walk up to people’s front doors, do not let your dog near the entryway! You never know if there will be a dog on the opposite side of the door who is friendly, and you also can’t know if the person opening the door is allergic or afraid of dogs. If the neighbors seem welcoming, you still want to ensure your pet doesn’t enter their home.

If you would like other suggestions for how to celebrate Halloween with your furry companion, you may like our article on 5 Fun And Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog!

Do you go trick-or-treating with your dog? If you do, do you have any other suggestions on how to keep your dog safe when trick-or-treating? Comment below! 🎃

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