Checklist For Hiring The Best Dog Walker In Los Angeles

Best Dog Walker in Los AngelesYour dog is your fur-kid.  Understandably you want the best for him/her from veterinary care and a proper diet to choosing the best dog walker in Los Angeles.

Hiring a professional dog walker means trusting someone to properly care for your beloved dog, to respect your home, and to ensure both your dog and your home’s safety during each visit.  Just thumbing through ads in a local pet related magazine or picking a dog walker you’ve found during an online search doesn’t guarantee success.

Seven questions you should considering asking when searching for the best dog walker in Los Angeles.

  1.  What kind of experience do you have?

A professional dog walker, even a new one, will have experience with caring for dogs in addition to walking dogs. Ask how long he/she has been walking dogs, if he/she has any kind of training (such as having completed dog training courses) and anything else you think is important to determine if he/she is the right dog walker for you and for your dog.

2.  Do you carry liability insurance?

A professional dog walker will carry sufficient liability insurance to protect himself/herself and your dog during visits.  If the dog walker you are considering does not have verifiable insurance, find one who does.

3.  Can you provide me with references?

Ask for a list of references with contact information.  When you contact each reference, ask if they are current or former clients, what they like and don’t like about the professional dog walker, and if they would recommend hiring them.  For more questions to ask when checking references you may want to read our blog on Questions To Ask When Checking References For A Dog Walking Service.

4.  What are my responsibilities?

A professional dog walker will ensure you read, understand, and sign a contract detailing both your and his/her responsibilities, including a cancellation policy, payment types accepted, when payment is due, and so on.  Do not sign a contract unless you understand and agree to all of its terms.

5.  What type of walks do you provide?

Every dog walker does things differently.  Some professional dog walkers walk several dogs at a time while others prefer one-on-one walks.  Make sure you choose a professional dog walker who will walk your dog the way you want.

6.  How long is each dog walk?

A pretty straightforward question: Find out the length of each dog walk so you can determine if it is acceptable for your dog.

7.  How far in advance do I need to book a dog walk?

Most professional dog walkers require an initial consultation to give you and your dog a chance to get to know the dog walker. You’ll probably want to schedule that first meeting when you first decide to hire a dog walker. Ask how much lead time you need to make appointments during the holidays and other busy periods.

What is your most important criteria when choosing the best dog walker in Los Angeles or in the city where you live?


  • Beth says:

    These are important tips to help someone choose the dog walker that is a good fit.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    We are glad you found these tips helpful. It is important to thoroughly check out a potential dog walker before working with them.

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