Fun Halloween Costumes For Your Dog


Fun Halloween Costumes For Dogs

With Halloween around the corner, the hunt is on for the perfect Halloween costumes for your dog. Halloween costumes for dogs crack us up! If you’re a dog parent, you’ll probably have more fun dressing up your furry friend than finding a costume for yourself. Nothing beats the look your dog gives you when you put them into the silliest costume you can find. It’s worth the investment!

We have compiled here for you, a list of the 11 funniest, silliest, and cutest Halloween costumes for your dog. Now your pup can trick-or-treat in style!

  1. Skeleton Dog

What’s there not to like about a skeleton dog or any skeleton for that matter? This walking bones concept is super easy to make, and scary.

Get a black hoodie for your pup. You can draw the skeleton bones using either white fabric paint from a craft store or a white felt fabric cut into bone shapes and sewn or glued (with a non-toxic fabric glue) into place.

  1. Underdog

To create an Underdog, you’ll need a square of white felt fabric to make a U, a red child-sized T-shirt, and half a yard of blue fabric for the cape. Use a fabric glue to attach the U to the red T-shirt and use Velcro at the neck to fasten the cape in place. That’s it! Here comes your Underdog!

  1. halloween costumes for your dogsGhost Dog

Place a white, twin size sheet over your dog (its head inclusive) and let it fall evenly all around it. Mark and cut off the part that hangs past your dog’s feet to keep your pup from tripping over the edges. Now, mark, with a color pen, the spots where your dog’s eyes, ears, and snout to know where to make holes. Caution: Do not cut the holes while your dog has the sheet over his head! After marking, take the sheet off and cut the holes for the ears, eyes and nose. Ensure the holes are only big enough for your dog to see clearly.

  1. Fetching Fairy

A comfortable pet jacket and a few economical craft materials are all that’s needed to magic up a fairy Halloween costume for your dog. No sewing is required. Make a template by sketching a wing shape onto scrap paper, then cut out four wings and add some glitters to them. Attach these wings to one small foam ball which will be glued to your dog’s jacket. Now watch your dog fly this Halloween!

  1. Dog Gone Punk

This head-turning Halloween dog costume is very easy to create. Add a bright color faux-hawk to the top of your pup’s head and a studded necklace for that hard-core touch. Now watch heads turn!

  1. Batman

Here comes the Batpup!

Dress your pup in a black shirt and mask. With the Batman logo attached, your pup will be fighting trick-or-treat crime all night long.

  1. Pretty Pink Princesshalloween costumes for your dogs

Make your dog the fairest of them all with tulle in varying shades of pink. Add a pink patterned ribbon for some extra flair. There goes little pretty pinky!

  1. Unicorn

Your dog will stand out in this unicorn costume, finished off with a bright glowing horn and colorful tail.

  1. Cheerleaderfun halloween costumes for your dog

Add pom-poms to your dog’s paws along with a cheerleader costume. A pleated dress or skirt will do. Add bows to your dog’s ears for an extra touch. We are this furball’s biggest fans. Let your dog show its Halloween spirit with this costume.

  1. Buzzy Beehalloween costumes for your dogs

To create this cute costume, throw on a yellow and black striped tee, attach wings and add antennae. Now don’t get stung.

  1. Dapper Dog

For a proper gentleman look, throw on a bow tie, lens-free plastic glasses and a small top hat to make your pup a proper gentleman.

There you have our fun Halloween costumes for dogs. In fact, some of these costumes can even be matched with a similar human costume. Picture the laughs and reactions as you and your furry friend trick-or-treat together in matching costumes. But whatever the theme you choose, please ensure the costume materials are safe, non-flammable, non-toxic, and securely fastened. You wouldn’t want your pups accidentally choking or getting sick from wearing the costumes.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate Halloween with your furry friend you may enjoy our article on 5 Fun And Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog.  Also, if you plan to take your dog trick or treating with you, please be sure to read our article on How To Keep Your Dog Safe When Trick Or Treating.

Will you dress up your dog for Halloween?  What are your favorite Halloween costumes for your dog?

Happy Halloween!








  • Kilo is not a big fan of costumes but he has quite a selection of simple comfy ones including Superman, Minion, Darth Vader and Bat Pug. I got him a clown wig in NYC and will try it with a red sweater he does not mind.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    How cute that Kilo has so many Halloween costumes even if he isn’t a big fan of wearing them. It can be so much fun to dress our dogs in costume even if it is only long enough to snap a quick picture to keep as a memory. We would love to see a picture of Kilo in his clown wig and red sweater when you dress him in it.

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