Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Sitter Over Thanksgiving


Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Sitter Over Thanksgiving

You’re planning a Thanksgiving trip, and all of your travel plans are going as planned until you begin to think of your fur-kids and who will help care for them while you are away.  You may have even thought about hiring a professional pet sitter over Thanksgiving in the past but never really gave it more than a passing thought.  You think about your dog, who despite being independent still wants love, affection, and daily dog walks while you are gone.  Or perhaps you have a cat who may even be aloof to you but he or she still needs fresh water and food, a fresh litter box, and some daily human interaction.

Traveling over Thanksgiving can pose a serious question; would you travel with your pets on the trip, or not?  For some, traveling with their pets can be an exciting and fun adventure.  For most people, traveling with their furry friends causes more stress and difficulty for both the pet and the pet parent.  With that said, it might be time to call a professional pet sitter.

Professional pet sitters are exactly what the description suggests – professional!  While having a family, friend or neighbor care for your pets may seem logical, professional pet sitters have the experience needed to care for your pets.

Here are 8 reasons you should hire a professional pet sitter over Thanksgiving if you are traveling:

  1. Experience:  A professional pet sitter is trained and experienced in working with pets of different personalities and knows how to tailor your pet’s care based on their individual likes, dislikes, habits, and fears.
  2. Professionally Trained Hands:  A professional pet sitter knows how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and can react swiftly and efficiently when necessary.  They are also experienced in administering medications and can recognize when your pet needs the attention of a vet.
  3. Reliability:  When you travel, you may want to depend on well-meaning friends, neighbors, or family to watch your pets and care for them while you’re away but in reality, untrained or unwilling friends, family or neighbors cannot be relied on.  There’s a need to hire a professional pet sitter as they’re more reliable and will heed to all of your care requests on time.  They will do as told and pay close attention to every detail of your pet’s care.
  4. Quality:  Nobody can care for your pets better than you, but a professional pet sitter is in second place.  They will take care of your pet’s walks, medications, food, cuddles, and treats – just like you were there.
  5. Safety:  A professional pet sitter will meet with you to go over the phases of your pet’s care and health plan while also discussing current health conditions as well as previous issues before the visits.  They also have a backup in case of emergencies, illness or car troubles.
  6. Little details: Hiring a professional pet sitter will ensure that little things like taking the trash out, bringing in of mail and newspapers, watering plants, turning lights on and off, etc are catered to.
  7. Comfort And Peace Of Mind:  The most significant part of using a professional pet sitter is that your pets will be loved and will follow their regular routines in the comfort of their home which means less stress for them and for you.  You will be at peace knowing that your pet is being taken care of by a professional.
  8. Less Stress:  The stress and trauma of travel for both pet and pet parent are completely eliminated when you hire a professional pet sitter.  Pets experience less stress at home and are happier.  A pet’s diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted, and exposure to illness is minimized.

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In recent times, more and more pet parents hire professional pet sitters to take advantage of the numerous perks professional home pet care provides.  If you are traveling over Thanksgiving will you hire a professional pet sitter to care for your pets?

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