Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

Do you know that a recent survey found that only half of dog owners which we prefer to call ‘pet parents’ walk their dog at least once in a day? 33% of dog owners even confirmed they rarely walk their dogs! With National Walk Your Dog Week from October 1st – 7th, now is the perfect time to talk about the many benefits of walking your dog.

Dog walking is beneficial to both dogs and humans. Research has shown that for overweight dogs or people, a 30-minute walk, three times in a week can lower blood pressure, boost energy, improve a sense of well-being, and reduce your own weight by 5% and your dog’s by 15%.

Not in the habit of walking your dog?

Below are 5 benefits of walking your dog daily:

  1. Strengthens Your Bond

Walking your dog daily provides the much-needed quality time for you and your furry friend. Quality time is very important to your dog’s behavioral and mental development, and this will provide the basis and framework for a trusting relationship with your pooch.

  1. Helps With Weight Control & Digestive Health

A long walk can help keep the extra pounds away for a year-long of healthy living. An overweight dog is not a healthy dog. In addition to adjusting your dog’s diet, consistent exercise will keep your dog fit, and agile. Regular walks also aid your dog’s digestive health and helps in relieving constipation.

  1. Improves Socialization

Daily walks are a great way for you to experience the world alongside your dog. Walk to new places; take in the smells and sights around you. You will be surprised at what you have been missing. Also, if your dog is fearful or timid, walking around the neighborhood can help your dog build some trust and confidence in you. In addition, daily walks exposes your dog to other animals and humans, which will help him or her adapt to new or intimidating situations.

  1. Increases Mental & Physical Health

Humans and dogs have numerous health challenges that can either be prevented or treated by a healthy diet and regular exercise. In addition to that, routine exercise is also good for overcoming dog boredom. Your pooch will be happy, and you will be grateful for the improved behaviors.

  1. Reduces Loneliness

Solitary walks can get pretty lonely for humans the same way sitting in the backyard gets boring for dogs. Quality walks with your dog can reduce feelings of loneliness for both you and your dog.

If your work schedule doesn’t allow for time to walk your dog daily, there are many benefits to hiring a dog walker.  If you don’t know any professional dog walkers you may find our article useful on how to find a dog walker.

Are you new to walking? Start out slowly to avoid injuries and gradually work it up to 30-60 minute walks daily. Ensure your dog is leashed and have bags handy always for potty breaks. Also, avoid walking in extreme weather (cold or hot). Finally, ensure you have fresh water always. Ready? Let’s go!




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