5 Fun And Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog

celebrate halloween with your dogDo you celebrate Halloween with your dog?  On Halloween, around every corner, a surprise awaits. Ghosts and goblins. Princesses, superheroes, witches, and football players descending upon neighborhoods for an evening of old-fashioned fun. Whether tricks or treats await around each corner, Halloween promises an evening of surprises, plenty of spooks, and lots of laughs.

Don’t forget to include your dog in the Halloween fun. Celebrating Halloween with your dog can be fun and easy and will make for great memories.

Here are 5 fun and easy ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog:

1. Have a fun photo shoothalloween with your dog

A photo shoot doesn’t require a lot of money or even a professional photographer. All you need is your imagination and a camera. Most dogs know how to pose like the pros, especially if they know a treat is waiting. If your dog likes to dress up, snap photos of him in his Halloween costume. But, if he doesn’t like to dress up, stage a quick scene. Gather a pile of golden, orange, and red leaves for him to sit atop. Pose him between pumpkins or beside a bale of hay. Use your imagination and create lifelong memories of Halloween with your beloved friend.

2. Join a parade/a pet costume contest

Some communities hold Halloween parades in which children and even pets are invited to show off their costumes. Does your neighborhood have a parade you and your pet can join? If so, consider finding matching outfits for you and your dog and join the parade. Some pet stores and malls also hold pet costume contests that allow both you and your pet to dress up with the winner receiving prizes. Look in your community newspaper for Halloween events both you and your dog can join.

3. Go for a long walk

If dogs could talk, most would probably say one of their favorite things aside from extra treats from the dinner table and long naps in bed is going for a walk. Leash up your pampered pooch, put on comfortable shoes, and head out for a long Halloween day walk. Enjoy the fresh air, the decorated lawns and home fronts, and the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet. Your dog will exert a lot of his energy, allowing him to rest while you tend to the stream of trick or treaters that come to your door that evening.

4. Cuddle and watch a Halloween movie

‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ is a staple on American television stations, sometimes even on Halloween night. Grab a warm blanket, curl up on the couch or in bed with your dog, and relive your childhood with a viewing of Peanuts. Or pop in an old horror movie, munch on popcorn, and hold your dog tight as the killer comes closer.

5. Bake special Halloween treats

What’s Halloween without treats? Kids love treats. Adults love treats. And, dogs love treats, too. Maybe you already have a favorite treat you bake for your dog. Or, simply Google “baked Halloween treats for dogs” and find a recipe your dog is sure to love. One we like is Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats as shared by Vintage Kitty.  Make baking a fun time, inviting your dog into the kitchen with you as your prepare his Halloween treats.

You may find this article useful on How To Keep Your Dog Safe When Trick Or Treating if you take your dog out with you on Halloween night.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Halloween with your dog?

*This blog was updated in October 2018.*

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