Tips To Prepare Your Dog For A Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Dog For A Natural DisasterDid you know that September is National Disaster Preparedness Month? While we can only do so much to prepare for a scary event, it can help us have peace of mind when a true disaster hits. It may not occur to you that your dog may need different things than you do in an emergency! Follow our tips to prepare your dog for a natural disaster and you will have one less thing to worry about if the time comes.

Tips To Prepare Your Dog for a Natural Disaster

  1. Bring your dog inside at the first sign of danger.

Dogs loves running around outside, but they can’t perceive impending danger. If the skies start to look ominous or your local weather channel is reporting a severe storm or disaster, don’t hesitate to bring your pets inside immediately.

  1. Identification is key!

It may seem repetitive to mention making sure your dog has proper identification, but that’s only because it’s SO important in case they get loose! Make sure they at least have a collar with tags, and if you want to take an extra step, you can have your pet microchipped.

  1. Put together a disaster kit for your pet.

While you will certainly have food, water, and supplies ready for you and your family, your dog may have different needs in an emergency. Medications your dog needs, food and water, bowls for them to eat from, a pet first aid book, and cleaning supplies for accidents are all important to have on hand!

  1. Know the pet-friendly hotels and shelters in your area.

When you have to leave your home during a disaster situation, the last thing you want is to be turned away. The American Kennel Club has a list of dog-friendly hotel chains that you can rely on in a crisis. Keep a list of them close by with phone numbers to you can call ahead if you need to.

  1. Choose a safe space for shelter.

If you need to shelter in place inside for your home, it’s important to choose a room that’s friendly to your dog. If the area has tight spaces your dog could squeeze into and get stuck, be sure to block them off! Your pet may have the instinct to hide when they’re scared, but they could end up accidentally getting hurt.

It’s scary to consider how you’d handle a disaster situation, but planning ahead is key for keeping you, your family and your pets safe! Expect the unexpected and you’ll be ready for anything. By following these simple tips to prepare your dog for a natural disaster, you won’t have to stress about the what ifs.

Did we miss any tips? How do you keep your pet calm in an emergency?

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