Why Should I Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Professional Pet SitterCross that invite off the list.

Make that a maybe on the RSVP.

Another weekend getaway declined.

Sound familiar? If you’re a pet parent, you have probably debated with yourself more often than you can count: Should you or shouldn’t you? You really, really need that quick weekend getaway to recharge. But, you don’t want to leave your pets home alone and you certainly don’t want to board them at a boarding facility. What do you do?  Hire a professional pet sitter.

Here are 6 reasons why to hire a professional pet sitter:

1.  Your pets will remain at home

Change is stressful for anyone but it is especially difficult on pets and, in some instances, can result in illness. A professional pet sitter allows your pets to remain in the comfort of their home rather than having to deal with the difficult transition to a boarding facility and the transition back home again.

2.  Your pets will maintain their normal routine

How many times have you been awakened on a weekend morning by the wet nose of your pup or by the swat of your cat’s paw, because you had the audacity to sleep in and breakfast is late? Pets thrive with a routine. They know what time they eat and, if you’re home and not getting their food ready when you should be, you will hear about it one way or another. A professional pet sitter allows your pets to maintain the routine that is so important to keeping them happy and healthy.

3.  You are in charge

Most pet parents have very specific ways they care for their pets. Maybe your dog, for example, always has a treat after going to the bathroom or you always have a vigorous play session with your cat before bed. You tell your professional pet sitter what you want her to do during visits, whether it’s ensuring your dog has a play session or your cat gets her medication at a specific time.

4.  Your pets will receive plenty of attention

Your professional pet sitter isn’t just your pets’ caretaker while you’re away. She’s their friend and companion, someone they look forward to seeing each day. She will shower your pets with love and attention during each visit, playing your pets’ favorite game.

5.  You can relax, knowing your pets and your home are secure

Keep your pets and your home safe with a professional pet sitter, who will flip lights on and off and bring in the mail to give your home a lived-in look. Your pet sitter can also take immediate action if, when she shows up for a visit, she notices there is a problem with your pets or your home.

6.  You will always know how your pets are doing

You’ve entrusted your pets’ care to a professional. Even so, you probably have some anxiety being away from your beloved family members. A professional pet sitter will keep you posted as to how your pets are doing so you can relax and enjoy your time away. In fact, many pet sitters provide daily updates with photos so pet parents can see how well their pets are doing.

If you don’t know any pet sitters in your area, you may find enjoy our articles on How Do I Find A Pet Sitter, What To Look For When Hiring A Pet Sitter, and What Questions Should I Ask When Checking References For A Pet Sitter.

Why did or will you hire a professional pet sitter?


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  • It’s amazing how a pet sitter can take care of your furry friend and ensure they’re away from harm while you go on vacation. I saw a couple of online ads offering these services to any type of dog, which got me curious. Now that I understand the benefits of having a sitter, I’ll probably consider this idea if I end up adopting a puppy in the future.

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