Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

Dog-Friendly Fall ActivitiesNow that fall is here, there’s so much to get excited about – the upcoming holidays, lower temperatures, and a general feeling of cozy relaxation as summer comes to an end. 🍂 We’re looking forward to all of the dog-friendly fall activities that come with a new season! Read on to see a list of our favorites that you can do with your pet.

Dog-Friendly Fall Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

  • Go for a hike

Take advantage of the cooling temperatures with a nature walk for you and your pup! Mornings and evenings are great opportunities to get in a good hike without fear of overheating. Just don’t forget to bring water for both you and your dog!

  • Go apple picking

Combine going for a walk with a tasty treat? We’re in. 🍎 Apples are safe for dogs when you follow the proper guidelines, so there’s no reason they should miss out on this fun fall activity. You can even make dog-friendly treats with your apple haul! Be sure to check with the location to ensure dogs are allowed.

  • Head out to an outdoor movie

Enjoy the fresh air and a night under the stars with your dog. Outdoor movies are the perfect opportunity to snuggle under a blanket and enjoy a good film (and good snacks!), and they’re very common all throughout cities and towns. Just make sure whichever venue you pick is dog-friendly before heading out.

  • Toss the football

Football season is upon us – mix things up with a game of fetch using this seasonally appropriate pick. 🏈 If a full-sized football is too large for your pup, you can treat them to a smaller dog-friendly version. You can make it more authentic with a dog football jersey of your choice!

  • Spend a day at the beach

Just because summertime is behind us doesn’t mean we have plenty of sunshine days to enjoy! Your dog will adore a less crowded beach and the opportunity to run free. This ball is great for playing in the water, as it bounces off of the surface and floats!

  • Halloween parades

Towns love these events – and with good reason! Who doesn’t want to see a stream of dogs dressed up in their Halloween best? Just be sure to ensure your pet is comfortable in whatever costume you choose!

No matter which activities you choose, you’re sure to have a good time with your furry friend. Many dogs love adventure and getting to explore as much as you do, and fall is a great opportunity to do something new.

Which of these dog-friendly fall activities are you looking forward to most?

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