How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Dog As Your Date

Celebrate New Year's Eve With Your Dog

The holidays are a festive time for us as humans. Finding ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your dog as your date can be and should be fun, festive, and easy.  We celebrate life and family with fun, music, decorations, and large gatherings. However, it may be a lonely time for your pets who may not understand what the fuss is all about. New Year’s Eve can be a lonely time for humans as well. So it’s New Year’s Eve, and you have no one to celebrate with—except your dog? Before you start brooding about sitting at home alone all night, remember that a New Year’s Eve with just you and your pooch can be just as exciting as a cocktail party, given a little planning. To involve your pooch in the celebration, you can opt to celebrate New Year’s Eve with him/her as your date.

So today, I’d like to share with you how to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your dog as your date:

New Year’s Eve Pawty

Go on a date with your pup to the New Year’s Eve pawty; events that support rescue and non-profits organizations. The celebration, which serves homeless dogs, includes food, bar, and music. This event may not be totally pet-friendly because of the noise, but tickets benefit the rescue. Avoid getting drunk. You may step on your dog, or—even worse—seriously injure him/her.

The New Year’s Eve Countdown

The countdown is usually a blast with lots of fireworks display. What more can be fascinating to your pooch and yet exciting for you? You can walk down with your dog to the city square to watch the countdown to the New Year and fireworks display. There, you’ll also meet others with their dogs. When it reaches midnight, hug your dog and wish him or her a happy new year. It will be a very memorable one. Do not forget to take pictures to keep the memories alive.

Stay at Home

One simple truth to celebrating New Year’s Eve with your dog is that it is best celebrated with your dog at home, not necessarily taking furry friends out to a party or traveling. At home, your furry friend will be safe and not have access to free food from party-goers, spilled drinks, or unknown objects to chew on. To make this special, you should:

  • Get ready

Put on your most comfortable pajamas and dress your dog in his or her favorite shirt or jacket. After all, why should you glam up in an itchy tuxedo or cocktail dress when you can just keep it casual?

  • Get snacks

You either raid your pantry for your favorite food to nibble on or try to find a grocery store that’s open nearby if you are in the mood for a challenge. Some suggestions are popcorn, pretzels, candy, soda, etc. Give your dog a bone or other treat so he or she will also have something special, too.

  • Watch a good movie

Just make sure it won’t run through midnight so that you’ll be able to watch the ball drop on TV. Just cuddle up with your dog on the couch, munch your snacks, and relax. Think of it this way: when everyone else is probably tired and drunk, you’re relaxing with your favorite little one.

  • Snuggle up with your dog on your bed and fall asleep

Snuggling up with your dog does not have to be business as usual. It can be made memorable. You can make it special by decorating your bed with new toys and blankets for your dog. It’s late, and you both need a good night sleep. Happy New Year!

Star Gazing

The Dog Star, Canis Major or Sirius is usually very high and bright in the sky around midnight on New Year’s Eve. The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and the Dogon Tribe in Africa, etc. have all found lots of significance with the Dog Star. Going out to see the Dog Star with your pooch could be a unique and healthy way to celebrate the New Year Eve.

Make New Year Resolutions

While out and about with your pooch checking out the Dog Star, you can consider resolutions for the New Year. Your pet may need to lose some weight while you as a dog parent may simply resolve to spend quality time with your furry friend in the New Year. If you’d like suggestions for resolutions for you and your pup, you make like this article on New Year’s Resolutions For You And Your Dog.

Whichever option you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your dog, what matters most is spending quality time on that date with your pooch. Tell me in the comment box below, how you will be spending New Year’s Eve?










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