Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

­­Halloween Safety Tips for DogsHalloween is arguably the spookiest time of year, but not just for humans! For your dog, it’s a day when people are continuously knocking on the door, and there are treats everywhere that they aren’t allowed to eat. A change in routine can often be stressful for your pet but following a few Halloween safety tips will help you both have a frighteningly fun Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy

  1. Confine your pet to a safe space

Even if your pet is friendly with people, you can’t be sure that your trick-or-treating guests will be comfortable with your dog. Some have allergies, and others just get spooked by dogs! By keeping your dog behind a gate or in a different room, there is no chance of them running out of the open front door. You can also put them on a leash if preferred! This will ensure that your dog doesn’t accidentally run off toward the hordes of trick-or-treaters.

  1. Keep your Halloween candy out of reach

Lots of Halloween candy contains chocolate, which your pup’s stomach can’t handle well – it’s poison to them! To avoid your pet getting sick, make sure that your bowl of candy is kept in a spot where he can’t get into it, such as on a table or shelf. In addition, always ensure that your own candy wrappers make it into the trash can, and that your trash cans have lids so your pets can’t sneak over and lick the wrappers clean!

  1. Ensure your pet can’t access décor

Candles in jack-o-lanterns are a definite hazard to your nosy pet! Be sure to keep your dog away from them, as well as any wires or strings of lights that they may gnaw on. This can cause serious injury to your pet, so it’s imperative to keep them pulled out of reach.

  1. Spend time with your pet

Quality time with your dog during an unusual evening is the best thing for keeping them relaxed. By doing so in between trick-or-treaters, you can ensure they are calm, which will help ensure that they don’t act out or try to break out of their safe space!

  1. Be aware of your dog’s feelings

You don’t like being uncomfortable, and neither does your dog! When you’re putting a costume on your pet, always take note of if they look uncomfortable, and try to ensure the outfit is on properly. In addition, it’s good practice to put the costume on your dog a few times in advance of the hours long stretch they’ll be wearing it on the holiday. This way, they can get comfortable, and you can ensure that pieces won’t be accidentally broken off and eaten.

  1. Give them proper identification

Whether your dog has a microchip or simply a collar with an ID tag, you want to be sure that your pet will be find-able if they happen to run off. It’s a simple preventative measure that will help keep your pet safe and sound!

  1. Make them more easily visible

If you’re going to have your dog outside, put reflective tape on their costume! This will make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see your pet in the event that they escape, giving you peace of mind.

  1. Celebrate a night well done

Whew! Once the night is over, celebrate your pup for being so good all night! A special treat, like Frosty Paws, is a great way to let your dog know you’re happy with how they acted throughout the evening. Rewarding good behavior is a wonderful way to reinforce those actions!

Following these Halloween safety tips will surely make you AND your dog have a better holiday. What are you planning to dress your dog up as this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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