Harness or Collar: Which Is Better For Walking Your Dog?

Harness or CollarAn important decision every dog parent has to make is whether they’ll use a harness or collar for their pet. While both have their positives and negatives, you’ll want to consider both options depending on the type of dog you have, their personality, and more!

Things to consider when deciding harness or collar

  • Harnesses give you better control

When you have a puppy, you’re in a crowded location, or you’re in a training session, it can be nice to be able to have a more controlled hold on your dog! You certainly don’t want to accidentally choke your dog while trying to keep them pulled close, and a harness prevents this.

  • Pulling can cause strain on your pet’s neck when using a collar

We’ve all been there: our dog is tugging to run ahead, but we just can’t keep up! A harness distributes the tugging over more of your pet’s body, meaning the strain isn’t centralized on their neck. According to Bark Post, dogs with respiratory problems and neck injuries benefit from harnesses because pulling on a collar can provoke coughing.

  • Using a harness means lower odds of your dog turning into an escape artist

Ill-fitting collars can lead to your dog being able to slip out of his collar, putting him in a potentially dangerous situation with no identification! Harnesses fit more snugly, making it less likely that they will wiggle out.

  • If your dog isn’t comfortable, they won’t be happy

Sometimes, it’s just the way it is: your dog looks uncomfortable, stiff and unhappy while they’re in their harness. While most well-fitting harnesses shouldn’t cause this issue, it all depends on your pet’s preferences!

  • Collars are best for want to train your pet to walk on its own

If you’re trying to get your pet to walk off-leash, it can be nice to let them feel as free as they are! Keeping them safely identified with a collar is a great move, but a harness isn’t exactly necessary when your dog is learning to wander safely on its own.

  • If your dog is constantly going indoors and outdoors, a harness can be a hassle

He wants in. He wants out. He wants back in. Wait… back out, please! If your dog spends a lot of time going from inside to outside, free to roam safely in a fenced-in area, a collar can be nice to use. Collars are easier to take on and off, and it won’t require a whole dressing and undressing each time.

While considering whether you should go harness or collar, it’s important to consider safety concerns, the comfort of your pet, and what works best for you and your family! While some dogs do better having a harness to feel controlled, others may feel trapped. If your pet pulls a lot, a harness could be a choice that will keep them safe and happy. Be sure to follow your gut and do what is best for your dog!

What do you use for your pet: harness or collar? Why did you make that decision?

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