Holiday Pet Safety Tips

It’s no doubt that Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year, are often the most wonderful times of the year filled with many celebrations.  Yet, they can also be the most hazardous for cats and dogs, if proper care is not taken by following holiday pet safety tips.

From yummy holiday delicacies to shiny decorations, the holiday season poses a lot of risks to pets.  Even if you’re vigilant with your pets all year, it’s easy to get distracted with extra activities and gatherings during this season.  To avoid having an accident with your pets that would surely put a damper on your festivities, we thought it would be a good time to share holiday pet safety tips.

Follow our holiday pet safety tips to keep your pets safe this holiday:

  • Secure Your Christmas Tree Safely

Place your Christmas tree in a corner or in a room closed with doors so your dog or cat doesn’t attempt to jump on the tree.  If this doesn’t keep them away, place an aluminum foil around the base of the tree.  Pets do not like walking on foil.  Also, placing anything that creates noise on the bottom of the tree can warn you of an impending tree disaster.

  • Prevent Electrocution

When setting up your Christmas tree, be careful not to put lights on the tree’s lower branches.  Your pet might get electrocuted by chewing on the wire.  Not only are the lights a burning hazard, pets can also get tangled up in them.

  • Hanukkah Candle Hazard

Keep burning candles out of the reach of your fur-kids.  You can’t tell where a wagging tail may end up.  Place burning candles on mantels or high shelves, out of your pet’s way.

  • Holiday Food Disasters

Make it clear to guests not to slip your cat or dog leftover holiday foods no matter how much they beg.  Common holiday foods such as turkey, chicken, beef or fish bones, and chocolates can be harmful to your pet.  Fatty foods give them pancreatitis.  They can choke on oddly shaped bones or get their intestines perforated or blocked from bone splinters.

  • Ornaments

Besides candles, you need to worry about glass ornaments, potpourri, garlands, tinsel and ribbon.  These decorations can pose threats for pets.  Replace glass ornaments with plastic alternatives, if possible.  Potpourris are toxic for pets; keep them out of pet reach.

  • Edible Tree Decorations & Holiday Plants

From cranberry to popcorn strings, edible décor is dangerous for pets.  They are also very inviting.  So, pets may tug at them until they knock down your tastefully decorated space.  While holiday plants such as mistletoe, holly, amaryllis, and lilies are sure ways to put you in holiday mood, did you know they’re toxic to pets?  If at any time you are concerned your pet ingested something poisonous, you can contact the Pet Poison Hotline for help 24/7.

  • Gift Wrapping

Holidays are the perfect moments to exchange gifts with our loved ones to show that we care.  However, be careful to keep pets away when wrapping your gifts.  Pets may swallow strings, tapes, plastics, and even wrapping paper which can cause intestinal blockage.  They could also harm themselves with a carelessly placed scissors or razor blade.

We don’t want to take the fun out of your holiday celebrations, do all you want to do but please keep it pet safe!  If you do not have a pet first aid kit in your home for emergencies, check out our DIY Pet First Aid Kit article.

Do you have other holiday pet safety tips that you do to ensure your pet’s safety?

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