5 Ways To Celebrate Plush Animal Lover's Day With Your Dog

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Plush Animal Lover’s Day is a dedicated day, every year on October 28th, to giving special love and attention to your favorite plush toys.  Some plush animal toys may receive refurbishing and others may get extra attention with special playtime or outings.  For those of us with dogs, why not turn Plush Animal Lover’s Day into a great excuse to do something special for our pups?  What dog doesn’t like a plush animal toy?

papillon puppy and toys

Check out our list of 5 ways to celebrate plush animal lover’s day with your dog.

  1. Go to your local pet store and treat your dog to a new plush toy.  Even if you avoid giving your dog plush toys because he or she likes to destroy it minutes, make today an exception.  In Studio City, our favorite places to buy plush toys are Maxwell Dog, Rusty’s Discount Pet Center, or Kriser’s.
  2. Spend extra time playing with your dog with his or her favorite plush toy.
  3. Repair your dogs favorite plush toy if he or she made a hole in it by stitching it closed.
  4. Do a DYI project making a homemade plush toy for your dog.  For light chewers, check out this easy No Sew Heart Dog Toy.  If you are good with a sewing machine, check out this Squeaky Doggie Bone Tutorial.  For a plush dog toy that doesn’t have stuffing inside or require any sewing, check out this Fleece Puff Dog Toy.
  5. Donate plush dog toys to dogs at local rescues or shelters.  Some of our favorite rescues in the Los Angeles area are Road Dogs & Rescue, Pet Orphans of Southern California, and The Brittany Foundation.

Will you celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day with your dog?  What will you do?

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