Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?


Dogs Sleep So Much

Have you ever wondered why dogs sleep so much? If your dog is like most other dogs, one of his preferred places in your home may be the edge of your bed, your pillow or beneath the covers. Dogs have a way of crawling their way into the softest and warmest spot in the house. Dogs love to sleep. It’s amazing and sometimes alarming how a dog can nap for hours during the day and still look forward to sleeping at night after the lights have been turned off. But, weird as it might seem, there are quite good reasons why a dog sleeps so much.

Here are 5 reasons why dogs sleep so much:

  1. Your Dog Is not Really Sleeping As Much As You Think

Dogs usually don’t sleep as deeply or as long as humans. Your dog will likely wake up several times during the night without you knowing. Dogs see better at night than we can.  They also have an incredible smelling and hearing ability too. Their sharpened senses often wake them from sleep, allowing them to notice things we can’t.

  1. You Have A Large Dog

An average dog sleeps for about fourteen hours daily, but for larger breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs tend to sleep more for about 16 to 18 hours. Because of this, these large breeds are one of the laziest dog breeds. Larger breeds sleep more than smaller dogs who ordinarily have a tendency always to be alert for anything that enables them to start a round of loud, uncontrollable barking.

  1. You Have A Bored Dog

Watchdogs usually stay busier and consequently sleep less than ordinary companion dogs. When you leave your dog alone at home all day while you are at work, your furry friend may sleep simply since there is nothing else to do. To avoid this, get your dog a companion, invest in some high-tech dog entertainment such as DogTV (a veterinarian recommended TV channel for dogs) or Petzi (a treat dispenser/cam), or hire a dog walker.

  1. Young Or Really Old Dog

As with human toddlers, dog puppies also need to sleep more for better development of their bodies. Dogs also tend to sleep more often when they get older just like humans. Older dogs usually sleep more than younger ones. Twenty hours or more of sleeping in a day does not mean an old dog is unwell; they’re just exhausted.

  1. Health Problems

If none of the above-stated things apply to your dog, it’s possible there’s  an underlying medical condition responsible for your dog’s excessive sleeping. One disturbing sign is if your dog not only sleeps a lot, but appears sluggish when awake. Your dog could be suffering from diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or depression.

Some infectious diseases can also make your dog sleep a lot or feel lethargic. Infectious diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, and Lyme disease. Most of the infectious diseases that cause sleepiness and lethargy are accompanied by other various symptoms that are more often easy to diagnose.

In case of health problems, it’s important to speak with a vet.

Do you think your dog sleeps more than what is normal?

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