5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love A Cat Sitter

cat sitterCats typically have very strong personalities and most share one common trait: They know what they want. They know when they want to nap, when they want to socialize, and when they want to eat. Cats live life on their terms. But, sometimes, you cannot be there to ensure your cat lives life on his terms. You have personal commitments. Work commitments. You finally have the opportunity to enjoy a quick getaway or a long, relaxing vacation. Hiring a professional cat sitter will allow you to embrace your time away and ensure your cat’s happiness at the same time.

Here are five reasons your cat will love a cat sitter:

1.  Kitty in control

Okay, technically you are the one in control of your cat’s care. You tell the professional cat sitter how to care for your cat, when to feed him, how many treats he’s allowed, and all the good things that will keep him happy and healthy while you’re away. But, let’s face it. Your cat’s behind you pulling the strings. He doesn’t live by your routine. You live by his routine, right down to stopping whatever you’re doing to play with him when he’s ready. Your professional cat sitter will ensure your kitty enjoys his routine as closely as possible.

2.  King or queen of the castle

Maybe that’s how it is all the time: Your kitty is the king or the queen of the castle. Your professional cat sitter will make sure it stays that way by showering your cat the same love, attention, and devotion to which he is accustomed. She’ll play with your cat, scratch his ears or rub his belly, and ensure he doesn’t feel a void while you’re away.

3.  Treats, anyone?

Let’s face it. Mealtime is important to everyone but especially to your cat. He knows when it is dinnertime and he knows just how many treats he’s allowed to have every day. He’s going to absolutely love having a cat sitter because he’s going to get the meals he laps up and the treats he loves every day just like normal.

4.  Indulge in kitty-related companionship

Sometimes pets just cannot be left alone at night. Some cats have illness or injury that requires careful monitoring, especially during the night. Others require life-saving medication at a specific time. Still others just don’t do well alone at night. A professional cat sitter can stay with your cat overnight – or visit as many times as your cat needs each day – to ensure he is comfortable and happy and has companionship with someone who loves and understands cats as much as you do.

5.  Stay in touch

Being apart from your favorite feline friend, no matter how much fun you’re having, isn’t necessarily easy. It won’t be easy on your buddy either. Your professional cat sitter will make it easier on you, which your cat will absolutely love. Many professional pet sitters provide their clients with a daily update, including a photo, to ensure you know your beloved kitty is happy and safe.

If you haven’t hired a cat sitter before, you may want to read our article on How Do I Find A Pet Sitter.  Then if you do hire a cat sitter, check out our article on What Should I Leave For My Cat Sitter Before I Go Away to help ensure the visits go smoothly for your cat and the sitter.

Why do you think your cat will love a cat sitter?


  • Sharon says:

    My family has used the same pet sitter since my boys were kittens 8 years ago. They love her as much as their own family and I love knowing there is a professional taking care of them. I even get regular photo updates while I’m away. Great information in this post.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    How wonderful you’ve been using the same cat sitter for eight years. Your cats most love the consistency knowing she comes to care for them anytime you and your family goes away. The peace of mind a professional cat sitter can provide with their care of your cats, care of your home, and updates with photos while you are away is priceless.

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