Dog Walker In Sherman Oaks – The 3 Craziest Things I’ve Purchased For My Dogs – What Are The Craziest Purchases You Made For Your Pets?

Dog Walker In Sherman Oaks Crazy Purchases - Dog StrollerAs a dog walker in Sherman Oaks I am over the top when it comes to my dogs.  Have you ever stepped back and looked at the things you’ve purchased for your dogs or cats and thought your purchases were crazy? Maybe you didn’t think it was crazy at the time of purchase.  Perhaps you still don’t think the purchases were crazy but I am willing to bet most of us have bought something for our pets at one time or another that others would consider crazy.

The 3 craziest things I’ve purchased for my dogs  Dog Walker In Sherman Oaks Crazy Purchases - Dog Clothes

  1. A doggy stroller so we could take Beatrice on longer walks than she can physically do and to allow us to take her away with us limiting her time spent walking.
  2. Not one, not two, but three custom made doggy doors (because one isn’t enough) to accommodate Beatrice’s width allowing her and Florence to have access to a side run, our backyard, and to my office.
  3. An ever growing collection on leashes, harnesses, and dog dresses in different colors.

I know I am not the only one who has made crazy purchases for my pets.  I’ve know people who’ve bought toilet cat training kits, Hermes dog collars and leashes, a closet full of clothes for their dogs with boxes filled with bows, Louis Vuitton Dog Carriers, expensive plush toys that last only a few minutes before the stuffing starts to come out,  multiple designer beds, and elaborate cat towers.

Logically we know our pets don’t need these items.  Ironically they don’t even like some of these items after we purchase them.  (Beatrice didn’t like the stroller and Florence didn’t like any of the clothes I bought for her.)  These items are not purchased out of necessity but based on our want to spoil our fur-babies.

What are the craziest purchases you made for your pet?





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