Our Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes For Dogs

halloween costumes for dogsTrick or treat!

Smell my feet!

Give me something good to eat!

Why should the kids have all the fun? Or the adults, for that matter? What about your beloved four-legged friend? Your dog loves treats just as much as every other trick or treater, right? Include your dog in your Halloween celebration whether you’re going to a party, walking in a community parade, or trick or treating by dressing your dogs up in their very own Halloween costumes for dogs.

Following are our top 5 Halloween costumes for dogs:

1.  Pumpkin

Plump and perfect. Sleek and stylish. Whether you’re the proud parent of a slender Greyhound or a furry Pomeranian, a pumpkin costume may just be the perfect fit. A pumpkin is a timeless symbol of Halloween with costumes featuring everything from sequins to satin, which is why the pumpkin is one of our top five favorite Halloween costumes for dogs.

2.  Witch

Hello, my pretty….pooch. She’s the lady of the day and for that reason a witch is one of our top five favorite Halloween costumes for dogs. Your dog can be the Wicked Witch of the West, Glynda the Good Witch, or a witch who’s somewhere in between. Transform your dog into the spookiest witch in your neighborhood this Halloween:

3.  Hot Dog

Maybe your dog’s eyes grow large with excitement at the sight of a hot dog topped with ketchup and mustard and slipped in between a bun. Call it an ode to your dog’s favorite food, or if your dog is a Dachshund and actually shaped like a hot dog, when you choose the ever-popular hot dog costume. Start your search for the perfectly topped hot dog for your dog at:

4. Clown

Does your dog make people laugh with his antics? Does he crave being the center of attention? Then you must just have the perfect and cutest clown on your hands. A clown costume doesn’t have to be intricate  it can be as simple as a silly hat with a string of bells around his neck. Fortunately, you’ll have no trouble finding a clown costume that fits your dog’s personality. It’s as easy as doing a quick online search and you can start here:

5. Cat

Oh, the irony. Maybe your dog loves to chase cats or even just watch them from your living room window. Or perhaps your dog’s best pal is a cat. Whatever the case, the black cat has long been a symbol of Halloween. No matter how big or how small, your dog might just make the cutest black cat ever or, if that doesn’t work, maybe he can be a big cat with a loud roar.

If you take your dog with you trick or treating, you may like the tips in our article on How To Keep Your Dog Safe When Trick Or Treating.

What are your favorite Halloween costumes for dogs?


  • Cathy Armato says:

    These are all great costumes! A pumpkin is always so cute, I like the one here because it looks soft & comfy.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    We love checking out all the costumes available for dogs and cats for Halloween. Even better is seeing so many adorable pictures of pets in their costumes posted on social media.

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