Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter When You Travel

Professional cat sitterIf work or going away on a trip will keep you away from your pets especially your cat, then you must have considered different cat-care options, such as help from friends, neighbors, family members to hiring the services of a professional cat sitter.

For cat parents who want excellent care for their cats and also peace of mind when they are away for work or travel, using a professional cat sitter is a great choice!

A professional cat sitter is qualified and has the expertise in working with all types of cat personalities. He/she will know how to tailor your cat’s care based on their individual likes, dislikes, habits, and fears. Also, a professional cat sitter knows how to identify and avoid possibly dangerous situations, and can react swiftly and effectively when and where necessary. They can be relied upon to fulfill all of your care requests on time, administer medications, and can tell if your cat needs the attention of a vet.

More cat parents are now hiring a professional cat sitter to take the stress off them.

The task a professional cat sitter performs includes:

  • Feeding the cat and changing the water bowls
  • Providing play time and exercise
  • Cleaning litter boxes and any other mess made
  • Administering medications if needed
  • Other tasks specified

Benefits to your cat when hiring a professional cat sitter:

  • Your cat gets to stay home in its safe, familiar, and secure environment
  • It’s surrounded by familiar sounds, sights, and smells
  • Follows its exercise routine and regular diet
  • Has play time
  • Receives love and personal attention
  • Maintains medical treatment, when needed
  • Has someone around in case of an emergency
  • Removes the ordeal of travel or placement in an unfamiliar environment
  • Helps to ensure good health by minimizing exposure to other cats’ illnesses
  • Your cat is happier and experiences less stress at home

Benefits to you when hiring a professional cat sitter:

  • The assurance that your cat is being cared for by a professional puts your mind at rest
  • Your cat is in caring, loving hands
  • You’re confident that the cat sitter can handle vet visits, grooming, etc.
  • Removes the ordeal of having to transport and leave your cat
  • Not having to impose on untrained or unwilling friends, family, or neighbors
  • Your home is more secure with your cat sitter going in and out once or twice a day

While having family, friends or neighbors care for your cat may seem logical or an easier choice, hiring a professional cat sitter is a much better option. They do this for a living; are qualified and have the experience necessary to effectively care for your cat.

If you haven’t hired a pet sitter before you may find our articles useful on How Do I Find A Pet Sitter and What Should I Leave For My Cat Sitter Before I Go Away.

When you travel, do you hire a professional cat sitter or do you call upon friends and family?


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