Respect Your Cat Day

Did you know that Respect Your Cat Day, is a feline holiday celebrated annually on March 28th?  Cats are no doubt the perfect companions capable of bringing joy to everyone and they deserve our respect.  It’s therefore a ‘purrfect’ time to be reminded of the need to give your cat some extra TLC!

In honor of Respect Your Cat Day, below are tips to celebrate this special day of the year:

  1. Buy Her A Lounge Set

Giving gifts is a fail-proof way to show that we love, care, and respect a loved one.  For starters, if you have a cat who likes to climb or sit in sun spots indoors, you can get her a modern looking gift such as a Trixie wall mounted cat lounging set.  It mounts securely on the wall and is covered with plush scratching surfaces.  Your cat will love the ability to explore new heights while satisfying needs to scratch, jump, and perch.

Respect Your Cat Day






Image Credit: Hayneedle

  1. Invest In A Kitty Condo

For cats who like to hide, how about getting them a cool kitty condo like the Trixie Lilo Modular 3 – Story Cat Tower?  It will give your playful kitty his/her own place to nap and hide.  It will also serve as a healthy outlet for your cat’s scratching instinct.

Respect Your Cat Day






Image Credit – Bed Bath & Beyond

  1. Respect Her Body Language

An easy way to respect your cat is by paying attention to her body language.  For instance, when your feline companion asks to be let down, let her down.  Paying attention to your cat’s body language while learning what it means will help your cat to trust you, which will ultimately improve the bond you share.  You can learn to pay attention to her needs by studying her mood, posture, gestures, and ears or tail movement as shown in a chart this article.

  1. Schedule Routine Health Checkups

The key to gaining your cat’s affection is to respect her needs – including her health needs.  You see, cats are experts at concealing illnesses.  Many cat parents do not know their cat is not well until they are very sick.  Respect your cat’s health by scheduling routine checkups – at a minimum of once annually or as determined by you and your veterinarian depending on your cats needs and age.  This will help you catch and deal with illnesses quicker before they escalate.  Overall, this will greatly improve your cat’s chances of a full recovery.

  1. Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

Hire a professional cat sitter when traveling rather than leaving your cat home alone.  Not only will this give you peace of mind, using a professional cat sitter when traveling shows you respect your cat.

A professional cat sitter will provide excellent care for your cat and tailor your cat’s care based on their individual likes, dislikes, habits and fears.  They know how to identify and avoid possibly dangerous situations, and can react swiftly and effectively when and where necessary.  You can rely on a professional cat sitter to fulfill all of your care requests including administering medications on time.

  1. Adopt A Kitty For Respect Your Cat Day

If you’ve been considering adding a new fur member to your family, how about adopting an unloved kitty from your local shelter?  After all, cats make delightful companions, don’t they?  Give a neglected or abused kitty a fur-ever home.  By adopting, you’ll gain for yourself a trusted lifetime companion who will be forever grateful to you.  If you are not sure if you are ready to make a long-term commitment, foster families are also needed.  If you are thinking about adopting a cat and you live in the Los Angeles area, you can go to one of the many locations for L.A. Animal Services.  You can even start your search online to adopt a kitty from L.A. Animal Services.

How do you intend to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day, a day of the year dedicated to the fabulous felines in our lives?

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