Why Your Dog Is Barking For A Dog Walker In North Hollywood Or Any Other City?

dog barking for a dog walker in north hollywoodSuspend reality for a moment and imagine your dog has had his barks transcribed into a letter about why he really, really, really would love it if you hired a professional dog walker in North Hollywood or any other city where you live to take him for walks each day.


Dear Family:

Every day when you leave for work and/or school, I watch you go and I am sad because I really miss you. Sometimes I play with my favorite toys, take a nap on the couch, or wander from room to room thinking of all the fun things we do together.

But, sometimes I get bored. Really, really bored. Sometimes I want to chew on the wall because then maybe the time until you get home will go faster. One time I just wanted to feel closer to you so I laid down on your favorite shirt and when sniffing it, I put holes in it. Now you have a designer shirt. I really, really want a dog walker because then I wouldn’t be so bored.

I will become really good friends with my dog walker. I will lick her face to show her how much I appreciate her and I bet she will pat my head, rub my tummy, and maybe even give me a treat, telling me what a good dog I am! Doesn’t that make you happy? You won’t have to worry about me getting into trouble when you’re not home because I’m still getting spoiled with love and attention!

Don’t worry. You will still be my favorite people in the whole world but my dog walker would let me go outside to go potty. Do you know how hard it is to hold it in all day? But, I do because I don’t want to upset or disappoint you. And, I’ll get to sniff all around the yard, enjoying the delightful fresh air, and maybe even get to chase after a squirrel.

I bet my dog walker will even do just what you tell her. You know, like you will tell her to give me a treat every time I listen, before we go for our walk, during our walk, and after our walk. If I show signs of an upset stomach or that I am not feeling well, she will update you so you know before you get home. She promises!

She can also leave you a note so you can read about our walk. When she leaves I will be tired and ready to take a nap as soon as she gives me that goodbye treat you approved of, of course!

When you come home every night, I’ll be really relaxed. I promise I won’t beg you for a walk right away. I’ll wait until you have had a chance to change clothes and maybe even eat dinner and relax.

I really, really want a dog walker. It will make both of our lives so much better.

Pretty, pretty please?


Your Very Excited Pup

Why is your dog barking for a dog walker in North Hollywood or in the city where you live?


  • Cathy Armato says:

    I dog walker is so beneficial for people who work and can’t get home for a lunch break to spend time with the dog. There is nothing better than a nice long walk to relieve stress and burn energy. Your dog is bursting by the time you get home after being cooped up alone in the house all day. We have a new neighbor that leaves their do outside in the yard alone most of the day – he does nothing but bark! If only they’d hire a dog walker the poor thing would settle down.
    Love & Biscuits.
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    There are many fabulous benefits to hiring a dog walker if people are gone from home for extended hours or are unable to give their dogs the exercise they need due to medical conditions. We are sorry to hear your new neighbors leave their dog outside all day barking. A dog walker could really him burn some of his energy and provide well needed exercise, mental stimulation, and attention to help break his day.

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