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It is common sense that when you walk your dog, it can make for good exercise.  However, there are more benefits to grabbing a leash and heading outdoors with your dog.  For ‘Walk Your Dog Month’ in January, we are sharing reasons why it is important to walk your dog.

7 reasons to walk your dog:

  1. Opportunity To Bond When You Walk Your Dog

If your dog is your best friend as you claim, then you must foster this relationship and grow your bond.  Dog walking presents the perfect opportunity for this.  Invest time into being with your dog; it will strengthen your bond. Make these strolls interactive; avoid getting distracted by your phone while you walk and study your dog’s body language.

  1. Great Dog-Training Opportunity

Think of every walk as a training opportunity to build trust and interaction between the two of you.  When you walk your dog, seize that opportunity to teach him things like sitting before crossing the street and heeling when he is walking ahead of you.  Gauge your dog’s energy level and ensure he does not need extra exercise before calling it a day.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Do not be tempted to settle for a walk in the yard!  Getting your dog out and walking him in your neighborhood or other neighborhoods provides him with mental stimulation.  New smells, new sights, and new things to explore will provide the mental stimulation necessary for the mental development of your pooch.

  1. Opportunity To Meet More People

Dog walking increases human interaction.  When you walk your dog, you are more likely to meet other people on your street and exchange favors with your neighbors.  The reason is because it is easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger when there is a topic to talk about.  In fact, neighbors are more likely to remember your dog’s name before your name.

  1. You Do Not Want Your Favorite Shoes Chewed

Dogs naturally have a high energy reserve.  When they do not get enough exercise, they are forced to expend all that energy elsewhere – on your shoes, furniture, belts, rugs, etc.  According to the ASPCA, lack of physical exercise, activity, or play can result in destructive behaviors such as scratching, chewing, and digging.

  1. Your Pooch Will Sleep Like A Baby

Just like in humans, exercise promotes good sleep in dogs.  Walking your dog daily can help your dog feel sleepy—not restless—at night.  Therefore, he is also ready to hit the hay as you wind down for the night.

  1. Physical Exercise

Walking remains the best form of exercise – we cannot stress this enough.  From decreasing stress and depression to building a stronger immunity and keeping fit, walking daily remains the best form of exercise for dogs and dog parents.  Daily walks with your dog will keep cholesterol in check and improve your mood.  All that is required to realize the benefits of walking is 30 to 60 minutes a day.  If you are struggling, you can spread this time around your schedule to include a morning and evening walk. What more? It is cheap and easily accessible!  If, however, you are short on time or have a medical condition deterring you from providing your dog with the exercise he needs, you can always enlist the help of a professional dog walker.

We know it is tempting to slowly slide into a sedentary lifestyle if the honeymoon phase of being a new dog parent wears off.  While some dog parents remain steadfast with their walking routine, others find it a struggle.  However, whether it is lack of time, fatigue, or bad weather, let nothing hold you back from walking your dog daily.  It is of immense benefit to you both!


  • Scott says:

    Good afternoon, Jennifer. I read your article on dog walking apps like uber, and there are some very valid points to be considered. I have a question. I am looking at starting an app for another service, but figure that the model would be similar to to the apps you refer to. What if the app were sold to the person with a specific area to manage and grow. Would that allow for some trust to be built so that there were less objections that could be raised? Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Jennifer Shafton says:

    Hi Scott – That’s great you are looking to create an app. While I don’t know what type of service it would be for or the details, it makes it challenging to offer an opinion. Yet there are many successful apps that follow an on demand model.

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